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What we do comes directly from who we are. My passion has always been to make complex things as simple as possible. This translates very well as businesses move into the high tech world.  

You're constantly being told that running an online business is easy - it's not! The details you're not being told are far more complex than you were led to believe. 

Eric has been a product specialist trainer and business coach for 20 plus years. Making complex things simple. Eric Mulford is not just a class act, but one of the finest gentlemen I've ever encountered! If you need help in any aspect of your business, life, or want to associate with someone who is both interesting and Interested, seek out Eric. - Ed Colebeck Territory Sales Manager UnitedHealth Group

If you've ever struggled to clearly communicate your message, your product, your unique value proposition, or other aspects of your business then you need a product specialist trainer. 

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