You'll never enjoy life if it's too complicated. You'll never succeed in business if your model is too complicated.

Simple Makes Awesome Easy! EricSaid takes the complicated things and makes them as simple as possible. 

A Simple Passion and A Passion for Simple

Keeping It Simple, Is Brilliant Not Stupid!

Making things complicated doesn't make you sound more intelligent. In fact, it makes you sound disconnected from reality. 

  • Your marketing message must be simple and make sense. 
  • Your communications and content must be simple and easy to follow. 
  • Your website marketing machine must be easy to use and simple to maintain.

The only way you can connect and engage your potential buyer is by making your messaging as simple as possible. 

Simple Makes Awesome Easy!

Complex things can always be made simple. Taking your business online isn't as hard or a simple as you may have been lead to believe. Discover what you might be missing...

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Our Team

You want someone who can fill your head with knowledge, inspire your heart to action , and hold your hand through the process..

How It All Started

About Eric 

Founder and CEO of Genius Library & EricSaid

With a twenty-five year career in sales training, combined with a ten year teaching and a proficiency in eLearning platforms, Eric brings a unique wealth of experience to insurance training.

Switching careers to insurance from industrial sales in 2000 Eric began as an agent working accounts in Life and Financial Services. Soon his techniques with new agents caught the attention of the Carrier who ask him to begin documenting what he was doing. Shortly after that he was asked to work from the home office as the Senior Sales Trainer. Where the duties included developing training programs and new product positioning. This background has created opportunities to work with carriers to develop product, create and implement training programs, and speak to thousands of insurance Brokers and Agents across the USA. 

Eric’s education is in Communication with a focus on Education and Behavioral Psychology. He holds certifications in all types of Behavioral Assessments including DiSC, MBTI, T-JTA, JOBS, as well as E-Myth coaching, and a certified training program developer. 

Your Business is a Fascinating Story 

Let us help you tell that story to your world. The marketplace will love you and buy from you as you connect with them. Your story is the connecting point. 

Eric Mulford

Creative Thinker and founder of EricSaid. 

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