Interactive Content Creation 

Content is KING, but Interactive Content is the Master of the Universe! 

Interactive Content Services Defined

Numerical Calculator 

Numerical calculator enables you to "pre-screen" potential buyers by calculating specific outcomes. Inputting numerical values in a fun and interactive way to get a predetermined outcome can lead a potential buyer to a positive outcome. 

Outcome Quiz 

Create a funnel (which is a pre-determined path to a desired outcome) using an outcome quiz. Outcome quizzes can be used for all types determinations. Personality profiles through which kind of car suits my personality are all examples of Outcomes. 

Opinion Polls

Occasionally all you need is to find out what people think. An opinion poll is great for when someone has completed a course or purchased your product. Maybe you need to collect data before issuing a refund to an exiting customer. 

Ecommerce Quiz 

Ecommerce quizzes can do the heavy lifting of moving a looker to a buyer. Take the potential buyer predetermine  path toward their desired outcome. Built on the idea that "people hate to be sold, but they love to buy."

Graded Quiz

Graded quizzes are essential in courses. They allow you to monitor development, automate feedback, determine future courses and courses of action. If you need a tool to evaluate performance you need Graded Quiz.


Chatbots are everywhere these days. Collect important data, solve simple problems, provide a level of customer services, or just have fun interacting with your tribe. Chatbots give a cutting edge to your presence.   


Everyone loves a Giveaway! Using Interactive Content to collect giveaway data and guide the users outcome can be fun and a powerful way to grow an audience. 

Content Upgrades

Content upgrades are totally different type of Interactive Content. A content upgrades provides additional information "embedded" in your website/blog content.  

Forms & Surveys

Collecting data is one of the most common forms of Interactive Content. Combining forms/surveys with appointment calendars, Zoom conference calls and autoresponders. 

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