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Hi ,

I hope you have had a chance to run your stories through the criteria we discussed yesterday. 

Do you now have a set of great stories that you are ready to share with your audience.

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If you do, that’s great! 

It is now time to figure out how to leverage those stories so you can maximize exposure AND your income!

Today, we'll focus on customer stories. These are testimonials and successful case studies from people who took a chance on your brand and were rewarded for doing so.

Again, as I've mentioned in a previous email, these are some of the most powerful stories you can highlight in your marketing campaigns because they'll speak to your core audience in a very unique and personal way.

When a customer can see how your products and services worked for someone just like them, it will motivate them into taking action. It validates their decision to follow you and to invest in your brand.

They pose as social proof, market acceptance and assure potential customers that you will follow through on your promises.

Here are several ways to leverage customer stories so you can maximize sales:

  • Actively collect and share feedback from your customers. 

Follow-up with customers who have bought and used your products and discover how your products have helped them.  

You can do this easily, even if you have yet to officially launch a product by offering review copies or access to beta testing. Not only will this help you improve your products and services before they go to market, but it'll make it easy for you to collect positive testimonials from within your market.

  • Highlight Positive Experiences

Look for ways to integrate testimonials and case studies into your marketing campaigns. This should go beyond your sales page.

Use them within blog posts, newsletters and advertisements. 

Feature them within your social media campaigns or Facebook groups.

The more you spread a message of positivity that demonstrates your ability to create products and services that truly help your audience, the easier it will be to maximize your income while building a loyal audience. 

  • Consider Influencer Reviews

Your customers and beta testers aren't the only source for testimonials that will boost sales. Consider sponsored reviews or feedback from influencers in your market.  

This will cost you money but can easily double or even triple your income, not to mention exposure because you'll be able to tap into an existing audience that you may otherwise not have access to.

In tomorrow's lesson, we'll look at the different ways you can weave these stories into a successful product launch.

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