First 30 Days in Sales

First 30 Days in Sales

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You're launching your sales career and you need a fast start . I clearly remember my first days. I listened intently as I went through the onboarding process. I couldn't wait to go out and make my first sale. 

Then I met with the first prospect...


  • The Top 5 Reasons Sales Reps Fail and How to Avoid Them From Day 1
  • Why Knowing More Will Not Help You Sell More (Dispelling the Myth of Product Knowledge)
  • Mastering the Power of Dollarization to Keep from Losing to a Lower Price
  • Why Perceptions Eliminate Objections Better Than a List of Canned Answers
  • How to Leave an Impression When the Prospect Asks for a Brochure
  • The 4 Questions That When Answered Will Have You Beating Your Peers Right Out Of The Gate
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