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Increase your chances of startup success. Your chances of startup survival is less than 50%, but you can increase your chances exponentially by few simple moves. Take this quick quiz to see your chances...

Startup Services Defined

Market Research 

Discover if the market is ready for your product idea or concept. The proper research will save you chasing after that idea that will not lead to prosperity. 

Market Message

How you communicate your value to the world makes all the difference in them taking action on your offer. You have about 15 seconds or less to capture their attention. 

Product MVP

Product perfect prevents many great ides from ever coming to market. The effective entrepreneur is the one who ships. Creating a Minimally Viable Product MVP is the key to success. 

Marketing Strategy

What strategy will be required to reach your targeted audience and how will you build that audience. Ten buyers beats 10,000 followers everyday.

Product Assessment

Product testing is often overlooked in the early stages of a Startup. Not does it work? But how do people react to i?, How does it make them feel? What would they give up to have it? Etc...

Funding Discovery

A startup with a proof of concept and a functional MVP should never struggle because of a lack of funding. Connecting startups to funding is a vital step that can't be overlooked. 

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