Simple Training Programs 

Training delivered as you need it, in the way you want it, to get the results you want! Nothing is as complex as it sounds. Eric has been providing simplified training of complex concepts for 35 years. 

Simple Sales/Marketing Training Strategies 

Rookie Sales Training 

You first 30 days in Sales is vital for a successful career as is your first 12 months. We have programs for both. Start on a good path so you don't develop habits that will get in your way of the permanent prosperity that a career in sales can and will provide. 

Advanced Sales Training 

You can become a Sales Superstar. Following our simple 3 Bucket method will set you on a path to earning potential the likes of which you can only imagine. Your path to permanent prosperity is within your grasp with the Sales Superstar program. 

Online Sales Success 

In spite of the guru claims, more than 90% of people who try to make money online...never make a $1. Oh they spend boatloads of money, but that elusive dream of beach vacations and property in Malibu never seem to happen. In fact, too many end up bankrupt—or nearly so.

Beast Mode Marketing Skills

Marketing gets you a line of people wanting what you've got. Eager buyers. Ready to give you their money. Because you have prepped them . You've dated them . You've courted them. So when they are ready to buy, they're ready to buy from you. 

7.5 Habits of Effective Networkers 

You know that networking can lead to huge business opportunities. You're just really tired of poor pitches and rooms full of people sharing more germs than gems. You've spent a fortune attending meetings and events with nothing to show in return. Where did the magic go? 

Business Profitability Plan 

This survey is designed to help you expose the areas where you can beef up your presence on the web, make your website work for you, and find places where you might need the assistance of a coach or consultant.

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