Simple Engagement Begins with Interactive Content 

The new model for customer engagement is interactive content. The most popular content on the web is contests, quizzes, and assessments. Driving engagement, segmentation and providing...

Interactive Content that Engages Your Audience 

Interactive content is best demonstrated. The segments below will each demonstrate some aspect or feature provided by interactive content. We use these in all of the our sites as well as with our clients.  You see three on every page on the site. The conversation button in the lower right hand corner, the survey popup in the upper right hand corner, and the bonus for referral give away in the lower left hand corner. Hopefully you have participated in each of those BEFORE you look at the other features listed here... 

Numerical Calculators 

Numerical calculators are capable of doing complex math and logic calculations to properly segment and order your users feedback. Calculators are highly intuitive and built to handle mathematical calculations using the operators like +, *, -, /. Plus, it can handle over 100 complex mathematical functions like log, factorial, AND, OR etc.

Outcome Quizzes 

Responses are mapped to a specific outcome. The outcomes can be cumulative as segmental. Outcome quizzes are great for funnel building without the viewer feeling like they are in a funnel. They are determining the outcomes by the questions they answer. 

Graded Quizzes 

Graded Quizzes are a great way to provide an assessment. They example below is a lengthy business profitability quiz that scores the takers responses to determine the areas of need for the business to be profitable. These are great for coaching calls. 

Opinion Polls

Polls let you seek the opinion from your audience about your product or service. You can use such content to get insights into their needs and demands and take their feedback about your products and services.  Polls are also intrinsically viral.

Ecommerce Surveys

Quizzes are an excellent way to get leads for your ecommerce store. You can use the the data in a variety of ways. You can allow people to pre-qualify themselves for your products and you can gather data for future business decisions. 



This survey is designed to help you expose the areas where you can beef up your presence on the web, make your website work for you, and find places where you might need the assistance of a coach or consultant.

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