I Didn't Start Making Money Online Until I Figured This Out

"I Was Spending Money, Without Making Any!

Something's Seriously Wrong With That 

Then I Discovered The Problem!"

I was breaking 3 fundamental rules. The same 3 rules you are probably breaking right now!

Dear Friend,

I began my quest to make money online, like most of you, by purchasing a bunch of software without knowing how it worked or how it would benefit me. Before long I had spent a small fortune. Grabbing one special deal after another. 

I listened to every pitch. I opened every email. I attended every webinar. I listened intently to the promises that this would be the thing. 

I had been successful in a physical business. 

This online thing could be that much different. Surely, I was just one move away from that "thing" that was going to be the key to my success. Open another email. Listen to another webinar. "Invest" in another promise...

Where's the money? 

Embarrassed By My Frustration...Humiliated By My Failure 

Nearly Broke From Scarcity Deadlines...

Something was bad wrong!

  • I was buying without selling thus ignoring what I knew to be true about money

  • I believed the promises that "this is easy", knowing that nothing is ever as easy as it seems. The "easy" promise is great for selling, but it sucks for building a business

  • I was thinking like a consumer not an entrepreneur and expecting entrepreneur results...

  • I was neglecting the key areas of profitability while focusing on the mechanics of software

  • I had forgotten my money triangle

At that moment I knew I could fix this...

I Need a System...

I successfully used systems to turn around businesses. What I needed was a system that solved my online frustration. 

I come from a long line of creative sales professionals. I could hear the voice of my mentors echoing in my head. Time to get to work. 

I knew not only was this going to work for me. Because it was based upon the exact same principles my dad and his brothers used to create amazing results. Because I had used these same principles to turn around small business and troubled kids. I knew it would work for anyone.

I put the turn around magic to work in my own online business. Driven by those voices in my head from my mentors as if they were sitting beside me everyday.

"Everything is for sale!" "You haven't done anything until you've made a sale." "I was fearless because I knew I could never get in a hole so deep I couldn't sell my way out." "While my competition sold features and benefits, I sold the blessings."  

I stopped the struggle and started enjoying the fruits of success. I created a system based upon more than 100 years of success my mentors had enjoyed. Motivated by what I knew about systems. Following a model set by those who had gone before me. I create an success system to stop the bleeding. A system that if followed puts money in my pocket. And it did...

Simple Makes Awesome Easy!

Then I went to work making the system easy to follow so you could do it.


Not Broke Now! is the system I developed to turnaround my own online frustrations. I started on the wrong foot. I ignored what I knew and trusted what I was hearing. After a careful assessment I knew I could turn this around. 

Note: “A turnaround is the financial recovery of a company that has been performing poorly for an extended period of time. The turnaround is akin to a restructuring process where the entity converts the period of loss into one of profitability and success, while stabilizing its future.” -Investopedia 

Easy to Follow System 

  • Developed by a Turnaround Expert - The exact principles used to turn businesses around will turn your online business around 

  • Unique Perspective​ - Based upon turnaround principles rather than success promises

  • Systematic Approach​ - Developed as a systematic approach and not a book

You'll love the eLearning experience! You simply follow the the steps provided for you. You complete the projects and you do the necessary work.  

This system contains assessments, worksheets, supplemental, and supporting documents, as well as appropriate audio/video tips delivered exactly when and where you need them. 

ELearning is more than next new thing. It's the most amazing way to deliver an interactive learning experience. You can work at any pace that fits your schedule, You will always have access to all of the training. You'll know where you are going and you can track where you've been. 


I have had the pleasure of learning from Eric through a variety of his projects; seminars, Live events, and his group oriented coaching strategies. All of these opportunities have brought me new wisdoms and strategies to grow my online business! 

- John Pryor

What Happened to My System?

The day I started applying these principles I did a webinar that provided $1500/monthly recurring revenue for 10 months. That doesn't sound like much, but it was my first hit. I had turned my online business into a stream of income. From that point on it was easy to breathe. 

More importantly than the income (as much as I needed it) was the fact that the principles worked. I had something I could build upon and repeat over and over again. That's what a system is!

I've Included a Special Consult For FREE!

Included in your training modules are 3 major assessments. I've used these with businesses for years. They are great for getting to the heart of your issue. As a bonus I've added to each assessment the option of getting a 15 minute consult. This is a free call based upon your assessment results. 

  • You'll Discover Why People Fail - Once you know you don't have to make the same mistakes

  • You'll Discover the 5 Capitals - You're richer than you think! You'll find the key to these riches in the 5 Capitals

  • You'll Practice Kiss 'em or Kill 'em - The most effective tool for evaluating business opportunities

  • You'll Think Like An Entrepreneur - "Nothing happens until a sale is made" 

  • You'll Commit to Sell First - This is the key to creating a prosperous online business

You Get All of This in a Single Package: 

Main Product $97

Active Listening Skills $27

7 Habits of Networkers $47

Entrepreneurs Test Everything $47

3 Online Assessments $81

Total $299

Eric Mulford

Founder & CEO of EricSaid & Thunderbird Web Tech

With a twenty-five year career in sales training, combined with a ten year teaching and a proficiency in eLearning platforms, Eric brings a unique wealth of experience to training platforms.

Eric’s education is in Communication with a focus on Education and Behavioral Psychology. He holds certifications in all types of Behavioral Assessments including DiSC, MBTI, T-JTA, and JOBS, as well as E-Myth coaching, and a certified training program developer and quiz coach. 

© Copyright Eric Mulford EricSaid 2019

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