Create Amazing Content Like a Boss

"Content Marketing is the Only Marketing Left" ~Seth Godin 

What if you had everything you needed in one place? You would master the skill of delivering high quality, engaging content to your audience on a regular basis? 

Amazing Features

Simple to use block builder. Over 100 Templates to get you started. Integrated with popular applications. 

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Detailed Analytics

Analytics at your fingertips. In an instant you will know what is working and what needs attention. You success is in understanding your numbers. 

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The Content Marketing Machine

Discover Great Content 

A single source of discovery, curation and amplification saves you hours of time. So you can focus on delivering exactly what you audience craves. The content machine puts everything you need to be a content Boss right at your fingertips. 

Repurpose on Purpose

Repurposing content frees a ton of time in your week. What if you could deliver the same content in as many as 50 different ways to your audience and let them decide how they want it? How about doing that in minutes instead of hours? 

Benefit from Engagement

What if you had systems in place that gave feedback on the exact thing your audience is looking for and how they want to consume it. You'd give them more of what they want right? Meet their needs and they will meet yours. The Content Machine does that very thing. 

Watch a Brief Demo

Watch over my shoulder a demonstrate just a few of the features of this amazing platform

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Who Will Benefit the Most? 

Membership Sites

Membership programs require massive amounts of content generated on a very regular basis. Your members are expecting a constant flow of high quality engaging content. The content machine enables you meet or exceed that expectations. 

Store Sites

People can buy stuff in lots of places, but they mostly buy from people who know their stuff. Content Marketing introduces your audience to your expertise. It's your opportunity to expose buyer and potential buyers to your expertise. 

One Stop Knowledge Base

Stop buying a bunch of courses! Find everything you need in one spot. Your Content Machine membership comes with everything you need to be a content marketing Boss in a single spot. 

Content Coaching 

Running your business online requires a different skill set than other business types. Mastering those skills doesn't have to be challenging. It simply requires a good coach. The bridge between online and offline must be crossed work with someone who can get you there safely. Find out more...

Start Creating Content Like A Boss!

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