Become the FB Groups MVP

Facebook and all social media like it can be a horrendous time suck. It's like a vortex that pulls you away from the things that actually generate income for you. 

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Group Goldmine

Facebook and all social media like it can be a horrendous time suck. It's like a vortex that pulls you away from the things that actually generate income for you. 

What if Facebook could actually send you highly targeted traffic that resulted in positive income without hooking a vacuum to your bank account. 

Facebook loves for you to spend money to advertise. They promise to send you traffic that will match a certain profile...for the right price. But what if it you could change that dynamic? What if you could build an audience that's highly responsive to your product/services? 

In this course you will discover: 

  • Discover how a Group MVP generates $10,000's in revenue annually with 15 minutes a day
  • The secret that adds to your audience everyday highly targeted and highly responsive potential buyers
  • Why building an audience is far more beneficial than driving traffic
  • 10X your chances of showing up in searches using this one grossly underused trick
  • The 15 minute "workout" that leads to Gold

I wrote this when one of the groups I managed hit 13,000 members. A member asked to what I attributed this amazing achievement. These are the very things that you should be looking for when you are committing to the challenge of leveraging a group to build an audience.  

I can identify at least 6 characteristics of a great Facebook Group (same things I would look for in evaluating any group): 

  • A Visionary Founder - able to see future needs, product capabilities, and empower a team
  • Incredible Products - this is a product group so the products must be high quality and continuously evolving
  • An Amazing Development Team - capable of continuous development and agile enough to roll when needed
  • Rock Solid Customer Support - Group members are also customers and need to have that level of support
  • An Engaging Community - the community must support and encourage itself while maintaining a positive atmosphere
  • A Commitment To Value - a healthy community is one that has a high commitment to value in everything that is included in the community communications

When any group has those dynamics it will grow!

What Facebook Groups Offer

Imagine standing out in the crowd so you can capture attention and build a loyal following! Mastering a plan for Facebook groups will help you do this quickly and easily (and at no cost). 

Each group has its own culture. Understand that culture and learn to play well in it and you can quickly become the MVP. Violate the culture and you'll find yourself on the outside looking in. 

Follow the 5th Habit of Highly Effective People "Seek First To Understand and Then to Be Understood." 

Spend your first days in a group understanding the culture. See it as a culture (because it is). It has its own language. It has its own goals. It comes with Major players. It has personalities and its own personality. It sees pains/problems/pleasures in its own unique way. 

We will not focus as much on these things as we will on how to leverage those things to become the MVP. 

Note: We assume in this course that you are committed to doing those things. 

To remind you of this commitment use the checklist below. 

Supplemental Information 

Groups Checklists

The Brand Called YOU

Your online reputation is everything. What you say in any group is available with a single click of the mouse. 

Group Integrity 

Managing a facebook group (or as I prefer to call it a FB community) is a challenging task. Most managers have some knowledge of each other and some working agreement that other people's products won't be trashed . Someone raising a fuss about a product in a non-related group will often become the subject of conversation between managers. 

This is a good thing if you are the manager of a community. It will suck for you if you are the one being fussy. 

You don't want to let venting in one spot hurt your chances of building your audience. Not only do the managers pay attention, but the people you want in your audience do as well. 

Reputation RX

Let's talk about immediate repair for your reputation. Who you are is public information. For this study we are going to restrict this topic is Facebook and groups specifically, but all your social profiles are important. LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram and to a much lesser degree Twitter all contribute to your online reputation. 

Years ago I got a very frustrated phone call from my nephew who had been passed over for a promotion at work. A promotion that he had earned and clearly deserved. He wanted to know why he was passed over for someone less qualified. I asked him to forget who he was for a minute and look at his FB profile.

"Now would you hire that guy?" 

"No." He said reluctantly, "I wouldn't." 

"Then what in the world makes you think the owner of your business would promote you?" 

If You're Fussing STOP! 

Unless your business model is to change the culture (good luck with that one) you will be better off expressing yourself privately rather than publically.

No matter where you stand politically or spiritually you can be sure that half of the people you want to reach as your audience are in the other camp. Treat them as you would a paying customer or else they never will be. 

You will gain nothing by spewing things that are unkind. You won't change anyone's position. You will only limit your reach. 

Don't Pretend To Be Someone You're Not

Get rid of those phony profile images. You are not Donald Duck! What do you hope to prove by having that image as your profile picture? 

Facebook has this really cool feature that will show you your memories on your profile page. You'll see memories from your timeline from past posts made on that date. Take two minutes each day and pay careful attention. If you had the potential to land a million dollar client would you want them to see that post? Even if it was from 5 years ago, would it help you land the client or help you lose them. 

Evaluate your posts and your profile in the light of that million dollar client. If you don't like the you that you see in your memories, then begin right now to change your future memories. 

The Business you and the Personal you need to match. You don't have to mix the two, but your personal opinions shared freely on your personal wall can kill your business efforts.

You don't get memories of your posts in pages or groups. You actually get something more powerful. It can help you tremendously or it can kill your reputation. With a single mouse click I can see everything you have posted or commented in a group. This is a group admin's best friend. And believe me we use it often. 

With a single mouse click I can tell your contribution in a group. Has it been positive or negative? Have you been helpful or are you simply poaching in the group? I can tell in a couple of seconds. 

See Image marked Member Discovery Tool

Do you have a history of expertise demonstrated in the group? Demonstrated experts leave clues. Groups are the typical place to find them. 

Later in this course you'll find some tips for leveraging your expertise. You can't do that until you have demonstrated your expertise. Remember your contribution is easy to find. 

Group search is another feature available in groups that allows you to quickly see the types of questions that are being asked and who the players are. Use the search feature and get to know your group well. 

We're going to dig deeper into these two features later in this study. You need to know that they exist here as it relates to your online reputation. They will make or brake all your efforts to build an audience in groups. 

Live Outside Yourself

Find a cause and support it. Let people know (without bragging) that you care about making a difference as much as you care making money. In the corporate world this is called social responsibility. 

Check out our Change The World Webinar for ideas of things you can implement immediately. Don't do this as a PR move. Be genuine in your commitment to a cause. It will do your heart good and it will it will build a good reputation for you. 

Supplementary Information 

Issues Discovery Tool
Member Discovery Tool
Live Outside Yourself

Brand Your Message

There is more confusion about the term branding today than any other thing. I see people posting questions about fonts on their checkout page to make sure it matches their branded fonts. I'm sorry that's nonsense. 

We are talking about a personal brand which carries much more weight than the company brand. Company brands are all about colors, fonts, shapes, and styles. Personal brands are something very different. Don't get lost trying to create a corporate brand until you have a clearly defined personal brand. 

Your personal brand is you! It is nothing more and nothing less. You don't need a team. You don't need a color. You don't need a style. You do need a voice. 

Your Voice 

Your voice is your contribution to your community. It's how you speak to them. You may speak in a variety of ways, but it's still your voice. My personal brand is Making Complex Things Simple. My voice should never sound complicated. I should never sound as if I'm speaking down to someone who doesn't know what I know. That voice would detract from my "brand". 

I write tons of content. I used to really suck at writing, but I worked at it. I got better. I plan to get better everyday. Writing is also an expression of your voice. The greatest compliment I've ever hear is when someone says, "I can hear you talking when I read that."

I do Facebook Live Feeds. What a great way for the public to hear your voice. I'm a believer in value of FB Live. You can build an audience by following a few simple rules laid out in the Facebook Live Training Series. It doesn't have to be complicated and it doesn't have to be expensive. It does have to be planned. It must be personal.

You're sharing your voice. Be you! 

The Leverage Plan 

I wrote the Value Pyramid to give you a path to being a demonstrated expert in your market niche. Some of those principles are covered here. 

Your Market Niche

To be a demonstrated expert in a specific niche you must know something about that (from this point on own it...it's YOUR market) market:

  • Dare to be ignorant about somethings so you can master one thing. Pick an area in that niche and determine to master it. Become a specialist and not a generalist. There is world of opportunity available to the person who masters InfusionSoft. You don't have to master Marketing only InfusionSoft to be the demonstrated expert. 
  • Build your brand in the group. Example: I make complex things simple. I talk about that. I've branded it #simplemakesawesomeeasy. I leave my mark with a reminder #ericsaid. Everytime I hear someone who is frustrated I help. They're almost always grateful and leave an appropriate comment. I'm building my brand. 
  • Brand your help. (See the image below). I've created more than 1500 help videos that I share in groups when people are stuck. All of the videos are branded and link back to my site. Many people use free software to do this but they can't brand it. For me the branding is worth the extra cost. I use Screencast-o-matic for this. I average about 3 new site visitors a week from those videos. Many join my list and follow me. This is building a highly responsive list. They've already taken a big action. Very subtitle, but very effective. 
  • Use unique hashtags. The trend today is to load your content with popular hashtags while that has some value I would rather ensure that someone find me when they click on a hashtag. #ericsaid #simplemakesawesomeeasy #buckettalks etc... Ensure that they will find me. That's your goal!
  • Make sure you have notifications turned on for your most favored groups. Watched for posts that indicate that the person could use help or needs information. (See Supplemental Information for Notifications)

Impactful Message

This is basic marketing. 

  • What pain/problem is your market facing? They will talk about it in the group. 
  • How to they feel about that pain? Do they feel that it is impossible to overcome? Here's your greatest opportunity. 
  • How do they talk about the pain? Their language is vital to effectively marketing to them. Speak to them in their language NOT yours. 
  • What specifically can you do to alleviate that pain? Be creative here. I do an Open Zoom Room in one group. They bring their impossible problem and I solve it in 10 minutes or less. (Note: Never make them feel stupid. Instead make them glad they came.)

I discovered people were saying they were new and didn't know where to begin. So I started offering to "take them from rookie to rockstar in 30 minutes or less." When people said they were pulling their hair out. I offered bald reduction treatments... 

You get the idea. 

The point is to direct your message at the point of impact. 

Branded Solution

Simple Makes Awesome Easy! Think about the power of that statement. That has been my branded message for years. I take complex things and make them simple. Because simple is easy to follow. Simple is easy to replicate. Simple is easy to structure. That produces awesome results. 

People want to be awesome. They think that comes from adding a bunch of things to their business/lives. Awesome comes from simple. 

Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler. -Albert Einstein 

That has been my branded solution for years. I tag it with a hashtag #simplemakesawesomeeasy 

What's your branded solution? Long before you offer a product you must demonstrate that you are the solution that your market needs. If you have branded yourself properly as mentioned above you'll be in a position to offer a value product. 

For more training on this topic see the Value Pyramid. 

The Group MVP

Your goal is to become the MVP in your group. The Most Value Player is the one who makes the entire community a better place. They bring so much value to the community that they everyone benefits. You want to be that MVP to your community. 

Facebook groups are your community. Just like any community your actions have an impact on others who reside there. I gave a list in the first module on the characteristics of a quality group. These are the same kinds of things that you would look for if you were moving to a community. 

For your benefit here is that list again: 

  • A Visionary Founder - able to see future needs, product capabilities, and empower a team
  • Incredible Products - this is a product group so the products must be high quality and continuously evolving
  • An Amazing Development Team - capable of continuous development and agile enough to roll when needed
  • Rock Solid Customer Support - Group members are also customers and need to have that level of support
  • An Engaging Community - the community must support and encourage itself while maintaining a positive atmosphere
  • A Commitment To Value - a healthy community is one that has a high commitment to value in everything that is included in the community communications

You might be thinking if they have rock solid customer support how will you have an opportunity to help? Actually that is the best community to be a part. You will see opportunity that requires far less understanding of the technology and far more understanding the community dynamics. 

Every opportunity that pays my bills today came from my participation in FB group. I began that participation just like you will as a member. Eventually that opened doors of other opportunity that has paid huge dividends.

This is worth your time and attention!

Start today and follow a simple plan. 

Supplementary Information 

Group Strategies

Let's start pulling the pieces together and develop a plan to be the MVP of your community. 

Your Community Impact Plan to Be the MVP

Your group marketing Strategy will be built around these four steps. 


Yes, you will be posting in the group. You'll be commenting on posts in the group. Set your notifications on so you can see the things that are posted. Make sure you set it to see all posts. 

"But I don't want to see every post..." This is now your job. See every post. You're studying the group. You're doing market research. You're building a level of expertise that will make you an MVP. 

Comment on posts. Your job is now to be recognized in your new community. You have to do something to stand out and commenting on a stranger's posts will get you noticed. Follow these rules: 

  • Be positive - Say good things. Even if you think you produce better stuff, keep that to yourself. People are attracted to a positive attitude. You may get more likes on a negative comment, but they won't necessarily like you. Find the good and talk about it!
  • Be encouraging - if they share something they have done that takes courage. Encouraging is supporting that courage if it looks like "double hammered dog snot". Find something to encourage. 
  • Be supportive of the Group leadership - Their posts are identified by the Admin/Moderator tag. When they ask for comments on their posts don't miss them. Give them love and support their decisions. 
  • Support the weak - every group has that negative Nelly. Find ways to help them. It makes the community better. It's easily recognized and appreciated by the leadership. 

Post your own stuff. Make a contribution in the form of a post frequently. Find tips that you can share. If the group allows it go live occasionally and share something that will build your reputation. Here's a short list of things that you can share: 

  • Tips - You can find all kinds of tips that you can share in your community that will demonstrate that you are paying attention, you care and that you are willing ot do the work necessary to benefit others. 
  • Tools - Tips and tools overlap a bit but they fall in a slightly different category. For example you could share time saving tips one day and the next day share a tool for saving time using a yellow pad. 
  • Tricks - Tricks can be anything that saves steps, creates a shortcuts, eliminates work, etc... Example I use Repurpose to grab my Live Feed Videos from Facebook and put them in dropbox for transcription and on YouTube. That's both a tip and tool but how to segment which live feeds get put where using #hashtags is a trick most people don't know. 
  • Time Savers - People's time is valuable. If you can give time saving ideas in your group you will quickly become very popular. To this day some of the most popular things I post in groups are time saving ideas. 
  • Techniques - How to do something is the shortcut most people are looking for. I wanted to know something the other day and I went to the knowledge base for a product and discover that was in a 4 hour long webinar. This comment was posted on one of my YouTube channels: "Really learning from your excellent, short videos. They are just exactly how videos should be done! Thank you!"

Write articles that apply to the needs of people in your group. In Brand Your Message under the heading Impactful Message you discovered the value of speaking their language. I call this "agile marketing". A question is asked and you pull together an article that addresses the question/problem/solution presented in the group.

Note: To comply with the rules of the community make sure you aren't posting to pull members away from the group, instead you are responding to their needs. A comment like, "If you are having trouble using ____________ I can show you a better way." Will get you tagged as a potential poacher in my groups. But a comment like, "Several people have asked about lead magnets. I wrote a simple article that can help you get started on the right foot." Will get you a favored position in the group.  

Do Facebook Live Feeds. Make sure the group will allow this (many even encourage doing a Live Feed), but this is a great way to become known. Keep in mind that this is a community and you need to play by the community rules and treat people properly. 

Tag Your Work

If you make a post/comment/live feed/link use a #hashtag that identifies you to search engines. 

Example: #solutionsnotsituations #ericsaid #notabrick #simplemakesawesomeeasy All link to things I have posted on the internet someplace. 

Done properly this "tagging" will increase your visibility and demonstrate your expertise in your community. I now have people who tag my comments and Live Feeds for me. I also find things in place that I never participated thus expanding my reach. 

Brand Your Solutions

I mentioned this earlier, but I use Screencast-o-matic because it allows me to brand my videos with a link to my site so everyone who watches my "solution" video is presented with a link to find out more about EricSaid. While I don't get a ton of traffic from this, the traffic that I do get is highly responsive. This is the Law of Reciprocity in action. Your video presents them with something of value. They are more responsive than simply being hit with an offer. 


Done properly two things will begin to happen.

  • You will begin to grow your own audience from your activities in the group. People will start to follow you to see what else you do.
  • You will begin to see an increase in traffic to your website from the links to articles you have written and your tags. 

This traffic has greater value than a boosted post in Facebook and it's free (well kinda free you had to work at it). They've already satisfied the first three basic needs for a sale to take place. They know, like, and trust you. 

I do a Live Feed Monday through Thursday at the same time everyday. The time is always under 12 minutes and the topic is always singularly focused. Most of the time I do it while sitting on a bucket in my backyard. I call it #buckettalks. More than 90% of the people who show up everyday for bucket talks are from the groups where I have become the MVP. This is a very responsive group. They buy almost everything I offer. 

That kind of traffic is priceless!


Your focus must be the community. If it becomes you then it will become obvious. You have to give to get. Keep this community ever before you and you will find yourself growing an audience of highly responsive followers. keep these four things in your focus and you will win. 

Respect is earned

Your reputation is priceless

You get more by giving more

Demonstrate that you are listening by engaging in valuable discussions


Once you've satisfied those first three requirements you are now in a position where you can make your offer(s). Remember you must play by the community rules. You won't always be able to sell directly in the group. You will have to move relationships outside the group to your own platforms to sell. 

Those platforms might include email list, Facebook Page/Group, Mastermind, Regularly scheduled Webinar, etc.. I use all of these to effectively reach my audience. On your platform you are free to do as you please, but stay consistent with what you did to build the audience in the first place. 

Strategies for Successfully Selling Group Members

Assuming you have a rock solid reputation in the group and assuming that the leadership of the group isn't a minaical jerk(s) there is a good chance that the following can be done effectively. 

  • Collaboration with the group founder on a JV project. The product must be compatible without being competitive. For this to work both parties contribute vale to the JV project
  • Benefits to the group without a direct benefit to the owner or the group. In the right situation this is very effective. It allows the owner to distance him/herself from the outcome but endorse the benefit it brings to the group as a whole
  • Invite the owner to allow you to manage some aspect of a new venture or offer to the group. 

That brings us to the final piece in this training. Developing your skills as an expert. 

Supplementary Information 

The Value Pyramid

Building Your Expert Skills 

Almost everything we have shared in this program is predicated upon your ability to demonstrate your skills as an expert. I saved it for last because it doesn't matter what expertise you possess if you you don't play well in the group it won't matter. 

Three Types of Experts

I'm so glad that there is more than one way to become an expert. This is an older video, but the principles still apply. This is a program we have for developing your expertise. Focus on discovering what area you can develop as an expert and how you can use that to become the MVP in your community.

If you have done amazing things then you have something that you can share with others that can pick them up and inspire them. If you are easily recognized in a group as the guy/gal that set records, exceeded all expectations, created awesome things or dominated a market then leverage that expertise to build an audience. 

But the chances are pretty good that you don't need an audience. you already have one. In fact you have one no matter what you do next. Your challenge is to not screw up because of your ego and lose the confidence of the following you have. 

The Reporter Expert

I call this the "I know a guy" expert. They don't have the credentials of the first type of expert but that have access to the information/people that will make a difference in the community. 

The reporter follows these 4 steps: 

  • Finds the people who have achieved great results 
  • Learn everything they can from them
  • Share what they learned
  • Build a system around what they discover

The first three are pretty easy but the money is in the 4th step. Building a system around the discovery. Think Napoleon Hill and the landmark book Think and Grow Rich. The principles he gleaned from his interviews with successful people became the foundation for the System he created called Think and Grow Rich. 

Facebook groups are the perfect place for the reporter expert. You can gather information, find solutions, test ideas, test language, and get feedback. Not only are you creating an audience that you can market your goods and services, but also a place to perfect programs for future development. 

The Ambassador of Hope

This is the area of expertise that literally anyone can do. You can share hope in your community. 

This expert brings presence and perspective. When nobody else offers a prayer. They focus on hope. 

There's greater need for Ambassadors of Hope today than at any other time in history because people need hope. You become the turnaround expert for business, for people's dreams, for relationships, for all kinds of things because you offer hope. 

Let's take a look at some examples of this. 

The Dale Carnegie Training. While there's some things that focus on presentation skills and sales skills and those kinds of things, the truth is that Dale Carnegie training is designed to develop role models. 

John Maxwell and his team, same thing, the spiritual leadership program that John Maxwell has developed. He's had people who have been trained and certified in that to be role model experts. 

Jack Canfield, chicken soup for the soul. Another great example of people who have developed Ambassadors of Hope experts. Our expert training is designed to help you in these areas. 

What Kind of Expert Are You?

You fit in one of those three categories. Which one is it? What are you going to do to leverage that in your Groups (communities) so that you become the MVP in your community.? 

Please let me know what I can do to help you...

Supplementary Information 


You've completed the train. Now the work begins. 

Nothing is dynamic until it is specific -Anonymous 

If you want to give your training energy you must put it to work.

Start right now!

Pick a couple of groups where you want to be the MVP. Use the List of Qualities to Look for in a Group as your guide and start today. 

Come back here often. Use this course as a resource. 

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