Power Hour Special

Unlocking Your Potential as An Entrepreneur

We all have motivators that drive us. Th

  • Maximize Your Strengths Instead of Focusing on Your Weaknesses - Your questions are important as they relate to the day's topic. 
  • Improve Your Communication Skill - Save your money until you hear Eric's perspective first. 
  • Create Deeper Connections With Partners, Prospects and Partners - How to avoid jumping on every new product that is pitched on a daily basis.
  • Find Your Perfect Niche - 
  • Close More Sales - 
  • And more...

Duration: 1 hour (closer to 40 minutes than an hour)

Topic: Unlocking Your Potential as An Entrepreneur

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19 June, at 2:00 PM (CDT)

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Eric Mulford 

Founder & CEO of EricSaid & Genius Library

The tech trainer/business consultant shares his insight into using tech (not be used by it) to accomplish your business and professional goals. Simple Makes Awesome Easy!


Walt Nigh

There are few people in the online space that have the heart and mind to truly help and mentor - Eric is the cream of them all!

Dana Robison Mills

Eric is a great teacher for students of ALL ages!

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