Automate Your Buyer's Journey

Get Amazing Autoresponder Results with NONE of the Hassles!

That's Right...

Outsource all your autoresponder activities to Thunderbird Web Tech Client Services and replace the hassles with results. Own all of the results, but none of the work! 

We do all of the heavy lifting for you for a single monthly fee. 

    • EAS Services Standard
    • Regular Email Campaigns 
    • List Maintenance Stay Current and Compliant 
    • Member Automations, Conversations, Scoring
    • Drip Feed Content 
    • Customer Service Simplified
    • Predictive Sending 

EAS Professional Package
    • Import List from Previous Service Up 10,000 contacts
    • 2 Custom Email Templates
    • 6 Custom Tags
    • 3 Scores 
    • 3 Automations 
    • 3 Custom forms
    • 3 Lists
    • 2 Custom Groups with a total of 12 custom fields
    • Monthly Reports

Use Advanced Logic in Your Customer Journey

Advanced logic allows you to monitor interactions your readers have with your content, your websites, and your offers. Allowing you to deliver what your readers want, when they want it and how they want it. 

We don't just send emails any more. We create experiences! If you are simply sending email you're missing the opportunity to take you audience on a journey. A journey so they know, like, trust, and most importantly buy from you!

Key Strategies

Monthly Email Maintenance Made Simple

Simple Makes Awesome Easy!

Email Collection

The process is simple get people on your list and love on them. It begins with the optin, then moves to the automations, drip feed content, and scoring behaviors. It's not enough just to have a list.


Automate your customer interaction from the moment they opt onto your list. Timed, triggered by behaviors, or dripped by dates put your interactions with your list on autopilot.

Customer Experience

Track your customer's complete experience from the emails they open to every action they take on your web properties. You can even provide a scoring system to reward or incentivize desired behaviors.

Make Your Life A Whole Bunch Easier!

Good list management is your most tedious task. Lovin on your list is one of the most important tasks of running your business. Let us manage that challenge while you enjoy the amazing benefits!

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