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Book Review for The Power of Consistency

I loved doing book review when I was in school. I think the first I ever gave was probably fifth grade. (My 5th grade teacher Mrs. Calvin was amazing.) Much of my college education was centered on doing book reviews (I have a whole course on that). When I got the chance to do them orally it was even better. 

Enough of the trip down memory lane. Let me share a review of the most amazing book I’ve read in some time, The Power of Consistency by Weldon Long. 

“I would sell my shoes to own this book!”

It’s that powerful. 

It’s that life changing!

If I had to choose shoes or this book I will pick the book every time! 

It belongs in the Top 10 best books I’ve ever read. Interestingly enough Weldon Long claims his life was changed by 2 books that are also in my top 10. More on that later…

I own every form of this book possible. Kindle, Audible and hardback. The audible version is on my phone and played in my car anytime I drive more than 30 minutes. My wife knows, if she is riding with me, conversation will wait until I’ve had a couple of hours of Weldon! 

There is no shortage of authors that take a metaphysical approach to positive thinking. Long doesn’t go there. Instead he leverages those principles from a natural and practical standpoint. 

Replacing the metaphysical (sometimes promoted in a rather hocus-pocus manner) with plan talk driven by a simple principle called CONSISTENCY Long wins my heart and captures my attention. 

Sounds simple right?’s very hard. 

Being consistent is the most difficult thing we know we should do. Our problem isn’t knowledge. Our problem is execution. Doing what we need to do on a consistent basis to get the things we want has always been the key.  

Long shares his story of going from a 3x convicted felon to a multi-millionaire in 5 years. The journey is amazing, but the principles are reproducible. 

You can do them. 

This book contains everything you need to create a prosperity mindset and overcome the power of adversity. Practiced daily we can achieve greater and greater things. 

What I really need isn’t hocus-pocus. What I really need is The Power Of Consistency!

Note: As I type this review I’m listening to Weldon Long on YouTube being interviewed on “How Sales Saved My Life”. Powerful stuff people! 

Simplicity and Consistency 

A confused mind is paralyzed. I know that. I learned that from one of the greatest football coaches of all time, Bill Freeman. Coach’s playbook was literally 3-4 basic sets. Nothing more. He knew the secret was execution, not complexity. 

Later I adopted the mantra, Simple Makes Awesome Easy! 

On my first journey through the book it I was impressed by the focus on simplicity. Nothing should ever be complex. If it’s complex you won’t sell it. If you can’t sell it nothing will ever happen. 

If a process is complex you won’t follow it. It will excite you. It will entice you. You spend a bunch of money to get it. You just won’t follow it. Then you say it didn’t work. Why? Because it was too complex. 

Long’s process is simple. It will get you from where you are to where you want to be in a way that requires you travel a path of tiny steps. Same things you know you should do. 

You’ll discover how to do those on autopilot. 

You’ll get exactly what you want. 

You won’t sit in the closet and dream about where you want to go. You do the practical things you need to do so you arrive where you want. 

I love the illustration used by Long. Your heart/mind/life is a box. “If you want to build a motorcycle from what you have in that box, then you must put only motorcycle parts in that box.” 

Here’s the huge disconnect you’ll discover if you listen to the Guru’s telling you how easy it is to make money online. 

You see the vacation homes. You see them washing the cars. You watch them go live flaunting the money. 

What’s in Your Box? 

Those are the things you’re putting in your box. The desire for money. The desire for cars. The desire for vacation homes. That’s exactly the same thing people who have nothing have in their box. 

Did you get that? 

You don’t get those things by wanting them. If that’s what you have in your box you are in trouble!

You’ll constantly chase after the promises. You open yourself up to the cons. You’ll buy stuff you can’t use and don’t need because that is what Mr Guru said you had to have to be successful. All you have in your box is desire. You have put nothing in that box that you will use to get those things you desire. 

The Prosperity Plan

A prosperity plan is much different from a vision board. A vision board puts desire in your box. A prosperity plan puts the tools you need in your box to fulfill your desires. 

What you put in your box matters!

If you want a motorcycle you must put motorcycle parts in your box! 

A picture of a motorcycle will not make a motorcycle. Only motorcycle parts make a motorcycle. Be careful what you put in your box! 

The box is a metaphor for your mind. If all you are putting in your mind is a desire for stuff you are in trouble. 

Your Prosperity Plan combined with a Quiet Time Ritual, the structure of Long’s system, are the tools you need to fill your box so you can achieve your desires. 

Your Quiet Time Ritual

The conundrum of human nature is knowing what you need to do and failing to doing them well every day! 

Weldon Long walks you through the most simplest process I’ve ever seen for solving that conundrum. It takes 15 minutes a day! 

Only 15 minutes!!

You have 15 minutes somewhere. You are without excuse! 

Get the book now! 

The Power of Consistency 

Sell your shoes if you must!  

But grab this book. Read it from cover to cover as quickly as possible. Then read it again. And again. And again. 

Get it on audible and play it every time you drive. 

Repeat until you practice the principles on autopilot. 

Experience the Power of Consistency 

So Eric what about those other two books? 

I’m glad you asked… 

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey

As a Man Thinketh By James Allen

Someday I’ll do a review of both. 

I'll Gladly Give You A Copy of 

As a Man Thinketh by James Allen


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