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Is Your Screen Capture Software Working Hard for You?

I have a never ending frustration with YouTube. It’s a love hate relationship. I love it because it's a free platform and it has some SEO benefits. I hate it because it’s in control. YouTube can decide to throw an ad at the beginning of my video. Even a competitor’s video. It can interrupt my content with a paid ad. It will play suggested at the end of my content. 

They are in charge. That’s the price we pay for free.

I don't want YouTube suggesting the next thing that gets played. I just don't want that. Everybody struggles with this. Everybody in every industry I know of absolutely hates the fact that when no matter what you do, you put a video someplace and when it gets to the end, it suggests some ridiculous cat standing on his head video or something. 

The other thing that happens, and it happens to all of us, is that when you're using YouTube, You may have a competitor video play on your content. 

YouTube is a keyword search tool. Advertisers purchase ads based upon keywords. Think about this for a minute, You are trying to rank for a keyword or phrase, then YouTube sees an opportunity for a competitor to pay for access to that keyword. You are there for free. Who do you think gets priority? 

I address this topic in 3.5 Reasons You Should Never Build Your Business on Free Tools. Free always comes at a price. 

So I have a solution to that. In fact, it could be the perfect solution. It combines the best of everything you need in screen capture and video hosting software. 

I seriously don’t want someone else’s video playing in my sales or training videos. That’s so contrary to the culture of my active online. 

So I was ready to pull the trigger on a more expensive hosting platform and one day I went, well, Eric, you’ve got the solution. 

I did have a hosting solution and I had been using it. I just hadn’t made it a priority. Then yesterday I got an email telling me about an upgrade to that solution. This makes way too much sense. So let me show you what I do. 

I have an account with Screencast-O-Matic.


I love Screencast-O-Matic. It’s very, very simple platform to use. It's very easy to operate and I'm going to show you some features of it today. 

They released the most amazing thing yesterday. They introduced an app that allows you to screen record from your iPhone or your iPad and transfer it directly to your editor. 

It’s simple. You touched the screen one time and transfer your iPhone screen capture to the editor. That's never been possible before. That's an amazing feature. The app isn’t extra either. 

Let’s talk about video hosting for a minute. It's included in the price. So this is what you get: 

  • Amazing screen capture software
  • IOS app that will screen capture your iPhone/iPad
  • Hosting for your videos
  • Simple yet very advanced video editor 
  • Branded sharing links 

They are not going to charge you extra for the Ios app. That's huge. And they don't make video suggestions at the end. They don't make any video suggestions at the end, you have complete control. You can place your branded link in the video player so people who found your video can also find you. (That is a big part of the MVP strategy.)

I'm paying $48 a year for the premier account, which is virtually unlimited hosting. That $48 a year. Vimeo starts at $84 and it has severe limitations compared to Screencast-O-Matic. 

Download Options

I'm going to grab the code for this video in 853 pixels because that fits really nice on screen. I can show the controls or I can hide them. How about hiding the title? I really like to hide the title. Some platforms allow for autoplay. 

Okay. there is something that I can only do with Screencast-O-Matic. Very subtle, but you can brand your video. You can't get that with Vimeo. I get it with screencast-o-matic.

Think about this... Somebody asks a question on Facebook, "I really like to know about whatever or how do you do this or what's that Or where does that, how does that work."

You do a quick screen capture answering that question. "Here's video that can help you." Guess what they see right here? I get two to three visits to my website every day from somebody who has clicked that branded link. Subtitle, but very powerful. 

I've already helped them. I've done something that is meaningful and helpful. I'm trusting the Law of Reciprocity to do something magical. 

That's what your screen capture software does for you. It gives you highly responsive traffic right here and it does it in a way that's not intrusive. I'm not, I'm not screaming at somebody, you need to buy this, you need to get this, you need to do that. I'm not doing that. What I'm doing instead is I'm giving them value and they're making a decision to respond and then making the decision to respond.

There's the link that'll give you 20% off and what you get right here, you get this highly responsive traffic, so that's the first step. That's the first step.

Can your screen capture software do that?

That's the question. It's amazing and you don't have to deal with any of that other stuff. You don't have to deal with any weird branding. You don't have to deal with anything else happening. 

So I can screen capture from my phone or from my iPad. I can upload my videos to the hosting account and then I have them hosted there so I can do with them as I choose.

You may never ever find yourself in a situation where you have to create 1,506 videos. But I do, and I do it all the time. Big tasks or small I've found Screencast-O-Matic to be the perfect solution. 

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