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How to Use Facebook Live To Grow Your Audience

Live Feed video has changed the way people interact on social platforms. It's as simple as pressing "Live" on your phone. 

The first time I did a Facebook Live Feed was July 19th, 2016. I remember that day clearly. I had just read about the sale of Dollar Shave Club. I started to write an article when it dawned on me, "Hey this FB Live thing is going to be popular. Why don't you just use it?"

That was 3 years ago. Since that time I have averaged a live feed a day ever since. Whatever the actual number is is totally unimportant. What matters are the things I've learned along the way. I'm going to share a few of those things with you. 

The video below was done a year ago with a friend of mine who I met while doing a live feed inside a coffee shop. Turns out he was one of the original four men who worked on the "Eggbeater Jesus". 

We decided we should do a Live Feeds surrounding the mosaic and Steven's project with the church. In this video I tagged Steven and the Church before going live. 

The Power of a Tag

By tagging Steven and the church I was able to include their audiences in the post. Specifically I tagged Steven and identified the location as 1st Baptist Church Huntsville. This provides both Steven and the Church the opportunity to share the video with their audiences. 

Their sharing extends your reach to audiences that might find your work appealing. In turn they might actually follow you to get more of what you do. Even if they don't follow you, your reach for that event will expand greatly. The idea is to build a following of people who find your work interesting. 

Notice this video has been seen 4,236 times as of the writing of this article. That's much greater than my reach. That's the power of the tag. The video has been shared by 53 different people. People who know Steven but don't know me or the church. People who know me but have not association with Steven or the church. You get the idea. 

The reach grew organically. As the two tags allowed for an expanded audience. That kind of engagement Facebook loves. 

Imagine the Places You Can Go

Facebook makes this organic reach easy using the location feature and tagging feature. Specifically the location feature can maximize the impact of your post. You can tag the location. You can check-in at the location. Businesses love this as it identifies the visitors. It also expands their audience as well. Remember the thing Facebook loves is engagement. Give them plenty of it. 

So where can you take your Facebook live roadshow? 

Almost anywhere. 

I say almost because there are some places that privacy is of the utmost importance. Daycares are off limits. Without written permission of the parents in advance you should not do a Live Stream video of children. 

Some businesses have trade secrets that should not be recorded. For example some financial services require that you get pre-approval of any video material before it is released into the public. 

In other words use your head to ensure you are providing the best experience while at the same time preserving the integrity and privacy of the parties involved.

Note: I got permission from the church before we began this video series with Steven. 

Permission leads to buy in. 

When you have the buy in you have an active participant. We had people in the church sharing the video that have never shared a video before. While this example is any but viral. It demonstrates what a simple plan can look like for sharing a video to a much wider audience. 

What I've Learned Doing Live Feeds

After 3 years of daily live feeds, that have morphed from a very brief 3 minute observation about Dollar Shave Club to simple objective look at life and business delivered from a bucket in my backyard, I've learned a few things that I'd like to share. Things that might help you develop your own strategy for sharing live from Facebook. 

  • Live feeds are meant to be live
  • Be consistent 
  • You’re connected in ways you can’t imagine
  • Your audience matters
  • You need quality content more than high tech equipment
  • The inside of my truck made a great studio
  • Be you
  • My grandkids are more popular than me

In three years of live feeds I had more connection issues on this one than almost any other. They have evloved over the years. I've gone from propping my phone up on a stack of books held in place with double sticky tape to a bucket and a tripod tall enough to include my entire frame. Yeah, that's not much evolution, but it fully fills my desire to keep things simple. 

Maybe you need to include live feeds to grow your business or your audience. Not sure where to begin. Click on the button below and schedule a brief conversation with Eric to see how you can begin using the power of Facebook Live Feeds today. 

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