Business Assessments

Business Assessments can be a beneficial way for you to do a personal evaluation of your skills and your short comings 

This survey is designed to help you discover the areas where you can beef up your presence on the web, make your website work for you, and find places where you might need the assistance of a coach or consultant.

Most businesses fail because of improper planning. The time to remedy this is early in the process, but you should have a handle on these things all along the way. Take this survey to determine your preparedness. 

DiSC Assessment 

DiSC is a proven assessment profile for determining communications skills and motivation in work and relationship settings. Discover which of the 17 profiles best describes you.  

Is your positive attitude holding you back or propelling you forward. Take this quick quiz and find out!

The most important professional skill you can possess is the ability to manage your time. Absent this vital skill and you will struggle with every level of success. Find out how you score. 

Keeping a customer is easier than obtaining a new one. But you won't keep them if you don't engage them on a regular basis. Take this quick quiz to see how well you customer engagement strategy is working for you. 

Being in the flow is the place where you realize your maximum potential. Do you have what you need to get in the Flow State. 

Creating High Quality Content is an essential marketing technique. Take this simple quiz to find out how your business can benefit from implementing a content marketing program...

Time for a Selling Skills Checkup!

Take this brief quiz to see where to focus our attention to building your selling skills. 

The essence of a business is your ability to solve other people's problems at a profit. We have other tools to determine profitability, but in this quiz we focus on your problem solving skills. 

Your ability to communicate is directly related to your success. Find out how your communication skills rank. 

Your social media presence is key to expanding your reach and demonstrating your expertise in your market. Use this assessment to see how well you are doing. 

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