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I created Your First 30 Days In Sales to get you started in the right direction regardless of what you sell. Your success isn't about products, presentations, or's about you. Get you right and the road ahead will be paved with success. 

Your Training in 30 Days

You're launching your sales career and you need a fast start . I clearly remember my first days. I listened intently as I went through the onboarding process. I couldn't wait to go out and make my first sale. 

Now to talk to a real potential buyer...

Suddenly, I realized that all the crap I was being told was important...wasn't important to the buyer. His objections were different from the "out-of-the-box" answers I was memorizing. Her needs were very different than the features vs. benefits exercises I had just been through. 


Yes, I need to know how to think like my prospect! And so do you...

If You Want To Fast Track Your Way To A Profitable SALES CAREER, Then You'll Definitely Need This...

This is what you'll get...

  • The Top 5 Reasons Sales Reps Fail and How to Avoid Them From Day 1

  • Why Knowing More Will Not Help You Sell More (Dispelling the Myth of Product Knowledge)

  • Mastering the Power of Dollarization to Keep from Losing to a Lower Price

  • Why Perceptions Eliminate Objections Better Than a List of Canned Answers

  • How to Leave an Impression When the Prospect Asks for a Brochure

  • The 4 Questions That When Answered Will Have You Beating Your Peers Right Out Of The Gate

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About Eric

With a twenty-five year career in sales training, combined with a ten year teaching career, and a proficiency in eLearning platforms, Eric brings a unique wealth of experience to training.

Eric's sales training career has covered the country and span multiple industries. Having trained more than 10,000 sales reps from the rookie on his first call to the seasoned sales professional Eric's training has proven topnoched. 

Eric’s education is in Communication with a focus on Education and Behavioral Psychology. He holds certifications in all types of Behavioral Assessments including DiSC, MBTI, T-JTA, and JOBS, as well as E-Myth coaching, and a certified training program developer and quiz coach. 

What People Are Saying

Eric Mulford is a class act and one of the finest gentlemen I've ever encountered! If you need help in any aspect of your business, life, connect with Eric

Ed Colebeck - Territory Sales Manager at UnitedHealth Group

Eric is one of the best trainers I have had the privilege to work with and to learn from. He has a great way of motivating and teaching. The greatest thing about Eric is his commitment to and encouragement of other business men and women.

Jon Hackett - Leadership Consultant, Keynote Speaker, Mediation and Reconciliation Specialist

There are few people in the online space that have the heart and mind to truly help and mentor - Eric is the cream of them all!

Walt Nigh - Entrepreneur

I've spent six years in the Marines, 15 years in the Fortune 1000 and fifteen years as a successful entrepreneur. In all that time, I can count on one hand the number of people that I would blindly follow up a hill - Eric is one of them. A soft spoken generous people-oriented person, Eric shepherds people steadfastly toward personal success thereby ensuring the success of the team and, ultimately, of the organization. They don't come any better than him.

Deryck Jones - CEO Leatherneck Tech 

Let's face it. 

You're responsible for your career! Nobody is going to do this for you. You have to take the initiative necessary for your success. The first thing I did when I launched my sales career was make a commitment to my success. 

You do that by deciding to change your attitude towards money. You stop thinking like a consumer who spends money on things. Instead you focus on investing in your future. That initial commitment to leverage your mind as the most important asset you have will totally change your direction. 

Knowledge will be your best asset. 

What you feed your mind will ultimately feed your bank account. 

Set this aside until you've had some success and you never reach the heights you're capable of. Your commitment to a career in sales must also include taking full responsibility for your success. 

It's the Law of Sowing and Reaping. Your harvest is totally dependant upon the quality of the seed you sow. A seed with no life in it (no investment toward being the best) yields no harvest. 

Every harvest involves setting aside a portion of seed for the next planting. You do that by investing in your skill set(s). Each harvest is an indication that you must "set aside" that seed for the next planting. 

But Eric I need to make sales. And I need to make them now!

I totally understand. 

You'll make a living from sales. Not a sale. Don't go down the same path that Zig Ziglar used to warn about, "I got really good at sales. I sold my furniture. I sold my dishes..." 

You have the privilege of laying down a path that will result in permanent prosperity. You'll work harder than you get paid for in the early days, so that you'll reap a reward of getting paid far more than the work you're putting out. 

You can have that starting today!

Start out right and you'll never lack for opportunity. Fail to get the foundation right and the only way to increase your income is to work harder. 

Nobody wants that!

Not you. Not your significant other. Not your kids. And certainly not your body. 

Get Started today!

It's 30 Days. 

You'll have a solid foundation. You'll have confidence in your ability. 

You'll be on the path to permanent prosperity. 

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