10 Helpful Tips For Surviving Holidays as an Entrepreneur

Family get togethers at the holidays can be stressful for entrepreneurs. Few families understand the entrepreneur mindset. They don’t know the dynamics involved in business startups. So they may offer such helpful advice as, “Why don’t do you get a haircut and get a real job?”

Surviving Holidays


They don’t get it and that’s ok! But you need to guard yourself from the negativity that comes from such occasions. Here are 10 things that you can do when you are in an uncomfortable situation involving family.

  1. Learn to ask really good questions. People love to talk about themselves. Take the initive and ask them about their world. Be proactive. (I call it the alpha-approach.) You ask the questions first. It takes them out of their game.
  2. Be the story-teller. Come with a few great stories of your interests, your industry, your passion, and your wins. Stories are specific and relatable. There are a lot of things in the startup world that are conceptual. Stories add a concrete element.
  3. Just the facts. Always have a few indisputable facts that you can quote. You know, like when uncle Fred is moaning about the use of smartphones and how it is going to ruin the world. Remind him that 97% of your market can be reached on their phone in an instant.
  4. Hang with your peeps. You have someone in your family that “gets” you. Find them. Find things you can do with them. Engage in conversation with them. This isn’t a networking event its a ritual. Create your own.
  5. Get a wingman. If you have someone in the family that can bail you out of a situation talk to them before the gig.
  6. Do your own thing. If you are there to eat then eat. Be focused and purposeful. That’s how you run your business. That’s how you should run your get togethers.
  7. Pitch in. Get busy doing the crap no one else wants to do and the busy bodies will leave you alone.
  8. We aren’t going there. Set some boundaries. This isn’t group therapy. You don’t have to tell everything.
  9. Share some love. You know there is someone there you would like to have a deeper relationship. Focus on the relationship. You’ll be too busy to be bothered by busy bodies.
  10. Power nap time. Make it clear that a holiday isn’t an occasion to break your normal routine. Go to bed.

This post was inspired by the article below. I thought the Eric version might give a better insight. If you want a more professional approach you can find it here…

Family time during the holidays can be even harder when your family is skeptical of your startup. Here are 10 tips to use to be better prepared.  via How to Answer Your Family’s Questions About Your Startup This Holiday Season

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