The Law of Harvest

The law of harvest may be the most basic business principle of all. It is also the most neglected and ignored. There are no shortcuts to this fundamental law.

Law of Harvest – The Most Fundamental of Laws

The laws of nature and the laws of business are parallel principles in the same universe. You see this most clearly in the law of harvest.  Everywhere you look, unless you’re buried in the heart of the inner city and never get out into the rural areas, you see the abundance of harvest.  The law of harvest is manifest in 7 basic principles…

You only reap what you sow

A life, a business and a crop all have many things in common. What can we learn about life and business by looking at harvesting a crop? You get exactly the thing that you sow.

law of harvest

The harvest belongs to the sowers. There is no harvest without sowing. There is always a portion of the harvest dedicated to the sowing process.

You reap the same that you sow

The harvest is directly connected to what you sow. In nature if you sow wheat you always get wheat. You never get bananas. Or if you sow a bad seed you end up with a bad harvest.

The same is true in business. If you sow in the field of your business purpose, value and quality, you get fulfillment, value and satisfaction. In the same manner if you sow intolerance, greed, and egotism, you will reap closed doors, and scarcity along with doubt and insecurity.

What you sow you will also reap. That law will not be broken, even if a guru promises you otherwise. There is no hack for this. You can’t change this rule.

You always reap after you sow

The idea that you can bypass sowing and go directly to reaping is a empty promise. One of the greatest dangers of the done for you programs is it develops the thought that you get benefit without effort. That thought leads to the action of chasing after the magic bullet rather than developing marketable skills.

You always harvest more than you sow

The effort required to sow pays a hundredfold at the time of the harvest. The seed sown always multiplies. it is the very nature of sowing and reap. Planting a single kernel of corn can result in a return of more than 800 kernels. You always harevet more than you sow. In your business if you make customer service a priority you’ll  have a harvest of loyal fans. One loyal fans can yield far more than the time invested in customer service.

You reap in proportion to what you sow

In the abundant world in which we live there is a limit to what we can receive. That sounds somewhat contradictory, but the limit is what we have sown. Sow a little and you will reap a little. Sow a lot and you will reap a large harvest. Give your customers a fraction of your time and you’ll get a small return. Give them 80% of your best effort and you get even less in return.

You will reap more if you give attention to what you sow

Once sowing has taken place you’ll get a better harvest if you attend to your crop. The same is true in business you must give attention to the customers. If you email them extras, provide them unexpected benefits, speak to their ever changing needs, the returns are far greater.

Harvest comes at the end

Patience is required for the harvest. Too many people quit too soon. They expect to sow one day and harvest the next. It doesn’t work that way in the field and it doesn’t work in business. The law of harvest demands that you wait for the harvest.

You can reap what others have sown

I’m not talking about taking another’s harvest. I’m talking about benefiting from others labors. Listen carefully to those who have labored before you. You can do a joint venture with those who need your skill set.

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