Time – Do You Give it the Proper Value?

How well do you manage your time? If you are having problems at home or at work, there is a good chance that your problems may be caused by your inability to manage your life.


    1. Recognize That You Have a Problem
      Knowing that you have a time management problem is the first step in changing your behavior. It is typical to be late for work or a social event on occasion, it is something that should not be happening on a daily or a weekly basis. If you’re constantly missing deadlines or finding yourself trying to catch up, there is a problem. You may have a problem!
    2. Decide To Change
      Knowing that you have a time management problem is important, but wanting to change is even more important. You need to set goals for yourself, as these goals can help to provide you with a source of motivation. Sample goals include showing up to work on time for a whole month, being on time for all dinner dates, and so forth.
    3. Stick To Your Goals
      Creating a number of time management goals for you to meet is advised, but it is important that you don’t give up right away or when you are faced with complications. Setting goals simply just isn’t enough, you need to stick with them.
    4. Create Daily Task Lists
      Creating a to do list for yourself is an easy way to properly manage your time. The simple of act of crossing an item off your list provides the boost you need to tackle the next item. It is one of the easiest approaches that you can take.
    5. Rely On Management Tools
      Properly managing your day is important, but it can be hard for many individuals to get use to, especially right away. If you are one of those individuals, you will want to consider using time management tools to your advantage. Did you know that many cell phones and computers come with alarm clocks, alerts, and so much more? One of my favorite tools can be found at the Action Fast Lane.
    6. Learn How To Say No
      In all honesty, there are occasions where you may not be able to refuse a project at work or a task at home, but try to not take on more than you can accomplish. At work an honest conversation about time/project management can help. In the home, this outside help can come from a housecleaner.
    7. Get Organized
      Organization is key to being able to properly manage your time. If you are unorganized, you are likely to waste a large amount of your precious resource. Clutter is a major distraction. Remove it!
    8. Consider Hiring Professional Help
      As previously stated, if you are overwhelmed at home, you may want to call on a professional housecleaner. In addition to taking this approach, there are other professionals that you can target. For the small business owner managing your own books is a time trap. Hire an accountant. There are individuals and companies who specialize in teaching others how to effectively manage their time and stay organized.

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