Plan Your Year in Three Words

Plan your year in three simple words. It’s more challenging than it seems yet there is magic in its simplicity. Join me as I apply this process to my year.

The Model

“There is nothing new under the sun.” So it would make good sense to see if you can find a model to follow. Someone who has experienced some success doing the thing that you want to do. Because success leaves clues. I want to find the clues and see what I can pick up to incorporate into my experience. Maybe avoiding a few hiccups along the way.

I looked back at 2017 and I knew I didn’t exactly want to reproduce those results. (I’m going to save the ugly details for later.) I also learned some very valuable lessons that I knew would benefit me this year. However, I struggled with achieving some goals that left me committed to doing better this year. In my quest I found  an article by Chris Brogan that would change everything for me… My 3 Words for 2018

I found a model that I could use and make my own.  The two essential requirements for success – it’s simple and it works!

Trigger Words

I’m fully aware of the power that a single word can produce. I know that there is magic in a word when it is anchored to an emotion or memory. I’ve experienced complete transformation, both positive and negative, by hearing one simple word.


Neurologically, we have an instinctual reaction to words and language. Researchers have found that we are hardwired to associate sounds with images, even in words we do not comprehend. via 189 Powerful Words That Convert

The thought of anchoring my whole plans for the year on 3 words seemed simple enough. I already had an idea of where I wanted to focus my attention. Now, just pick three words and write them on the wall.

Just one problem…


What 3 Words…To Plan Your Year?

The concept is simple enough, but hanging my daily plans for 365 days on 3 words? That is quite another thing. Could I pick three words that would properly reflect everything I wanted to accomplish for the year? They had to be broad enough that I would be inspired to accomplish them without getting bored and jumping ship. They had to be deep enough that I would never feel as if I had arrived. I had to select three words that were in alignment with my core values. Three words that help me accomplish my Vision Statement. Suddenly the choice held new significance.

Plan your year using three words is very different than setting three goals. Goals are something you work toward. They are measured by certain milestones. They occupy a certain amount of your schedule. You check them off when you’re finished. Not so with these planning words. You don’t work towards them 6 hours a day…you’re always working on them. Every single activity must be connected to one of these three words.

Here are my three words for 2018:



Content was going to be my passion for the year so this one was easy. The more I thought about it the deeper that thought went. I have always had a content focus. Instead of setting a goal for volume of content I’m focusing on the deeper aspects of creating quality content that not only converts but transforms. 

Creating high quality, valuable content is my legacy to the world. To connect with an audience as Milton Gregory stated in the 7 Laws of Teaching, the UNKNOWN must be explained by means of the KNOWN. My mantra has always been – Simple Makes Awesome Easy! A quality content focus takes complex topics and renders them as simple as possible, but not simpler


I’m using build as in body building. I’m going to build some new skills. Skills driven by last years experiences. Speaking, doing webinars, providing customer service assistance, communicating internationally, interpreting challenges and creating strategies has been the first step in creating a “body” that is prepared for the task.  I’m going to pursue and approach each of those task as a bodybuilder approaches a workout.

The bodybuilding analogy is appropriate given the lessons from the previous year. I jumped into 2017 going down a particular path only to get knocked off that path about midyear. I learned much, but I didn’t have much I could build upon. This year if it doesn’t build it doesn’t happen.


Devote my time and efforts to communities of people committed with common interests and shared responsibilities. Provide as much value in those communities as possible focusing on how I can help them “get what they want so I can get what I want.”

I’ve learned much about building communities in the digital age. Committing to providing value in communities is the best way to demonstrate expertise and build communication skills. I’ve already found some communities where I will be a part and I looking for more. While at the same time creating my own.

It’s going to be an interesting year. I now have something I can remember (even if it is 3:00 am) stone cold. Three words that when I wake I already know what I’m going to do. When I have completed a task I know immediately what to do next. Three simple words that will be my litmus test for my entire year as they formulate my thoughts moment by moment.

What Are your Three words?

Maybe you need a coach that can help you find your focus.

Time – Do You Give it the Proper Value?

How well do you manage your time? If you are having problems at home or at work, there is a good chance that your problems may be caused by your inability to manage your life.


    1. Recognize That You Have a Problem
      Knowing that you have a time management problem is the first step in changing your behavior. It is typical to be late for work or a social event on occasion, it is something that should not be happening on a daily or a weekly basis. If you’re constantly missing deadlines or finding yourself trying to catch up, there is a problem. You may have a problem!
    2. Decide To Change
      Knowing that you have a time management problem is important, but wanting to change is even more important. You need to set goals for yourself, as these goals can help to provide you with a source of motivation. Sample goals include showing up to work on time for a whole month, being on time for all dinner dates, and so forth.
    3. Stick To Your Goals
      Creating a number of time management goals for you to meet is advised, but it is important that you don’t give up right away or when you are faced with complications. Setting goals simply just isn’t enough, you need to stick with them.
    4. Create Daily Task Lists
      Creating a to do list for yourself is an easy way to properly manage your time. The simple of act of crossing an item off your list provides the boost you need to tackle the next item. It is one of the easiest approaches that you can take.
    5. Rely On Management Tools
      Properly managing your day is important, but it can be hard for many individuals to get use to, especially right away. If you are one of those individuals, you will want to consider using time management tools to your advantage. Did you know that many cell phones and computers come with alarm clocks, alerts, and so much more? One of my favorite tools can be found at the Action Fast Lane.
    6. Learn How To Say No
      In all honesty, there are occasions where you may not be able to refuse a project at work or a task at home, but try to not take on more than you can accomplish. At work an honest conversation about time/project management can help. In the home, this outside help can come from a housecleaner.
    7. Get Organized
      Organization is key to being able to properly manage your time. If you are unorganized, you are likely to waste a large amount of your precious resource. Clutter is a major distraction. Remove it!
    8. Consider Hiring Professional Help
      As previously stated, if you are overwhelmed at home, you may want to call on a professional housecleaner. In addition to taking this approach, there are other professionals that you can target. For the small business owner managing your own books is a time trap. Hire an accountant. There are individuals and companies who specialize in teaching others how to effectively manage their time and stay organized.

Take the Time Management Assessment

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