Content Marketing’s Hottest Strategies for 2018

What’s Your Content Marketing Strategy for 2018?

Content marketing is going to become a hotter marketing strategy as we move into 2018.Consumers expect the companies that they do business with to provide exceptional services including quality content.The format that the content takes is changing, but the need for content will never go away. Let’s explore several ways that content marketing is “improving”.

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Thanks to a confluence of services, consumers will have increased expectations from brands of all kinds. Voice assistants, same-day delivery and on-demand content will mean that both B2C and B2B marketers must find innovative new ways to delight prospects and customers with nearly instant service. via 18 Marketing Trends to Watch in 2018

The method of delivery will vary according to the targeted audience, but if anything the need for quality content is definitely going to increase in 2018.

The Top Five Marketing Trends for 2018 Include…

In a few short weeks we will be past all of the holidays and ready to plunge full force in the normal routine of 2018 Where should the greatest emphasis be placed as we plan out the coming year?

Influencers Will Have Greater Importance

There is an influx of “fake” influencers with phony followers which runs contrary to the demand that the public has for authenticity.

According to Smart Insights, 84% of marketers planned at least one influencer marketing campaign in 2017, and this number will only rise for 2018 as the technique becomes more established as an antidote for the decline in programmatic and banner advertising. via Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends For 2018

A Greater Emphasis on Quality Over Quantity

Sloppy or poorly content has no place in the 2018. The rise of the millennial and the discovery  techniques they bring will banish the quantity first model that has dominated in the past. Putting out good high quality content on a consistent basis is going to give you much greater traction.

Relevant content marketing is aimed at addressing your audience’s needs, desires, concerns, questions, interests, and challenges. By tuning into what your customers are looking for, you can establish your brand as a trusted expert your audience can rely on for understanding and answers. via Why Quality Content Marketing Is Still King · Post Launch


Research must improve for the quality to improve. The rise of “fake news” will demand that sources be verified and carefully documented. Good practices for creating and curating content will include good sourcing, careful organization, engaging content,  and a variety in the presentation.

Video Will Continue To Be A Dominant Medium

The past couple of years has seen a rapid growth of “Live Streaming Video” platforms. Periscope, Facebook Live, and Youtube Live have all created their own niche.  There may be more players in the near future as more news outlets are taking up the Live game.

Video marketing absolutely needs to be part of your marketing strategy this year. Here’s why. Video is projected to claim more than 80% of all web traffic by 2019. Adding a video to marketing emails can boost click-through rates by 200-300%. via Video Marketing: The Future Of Content Marketing – Forbes  

Content marketing

Chatbots Bring Artificial Intelligence to The Conversation

Chatbots are evolving to master more complex questions and requests. While it’s still early days for the technology, companies across industries have tapped these virtual assistants to provide better customer service. via 5 chatbots transforming work around the world

Chatbots may be the best use of AI to date. They bring real time automation with the capability of intuitively responding to real customer’s needs. Hopefully this will bring an end to the “Press *23 for an employee directory” days. That simply can’t end soon enough. Replaced by an a well programed Chatbot will be a welcomed relief.

The last area is a few years from full implementation, but its time is rapidly coming…

The Reality of Augmented Reality

As we’ve seen many times in the past the technology is being perfected through gaming. Pokemon Go and Snapchat are the early attempts at an augmented reality world.

We are getting to the point where the commercial applications could make a huge difference for marketing in the very near future.

“You will be able to imagine what products look like in your home in your setting while standing in your living room. To us we think that’s a game-changer,” said Felix Carbullido, Chief Marketing Officer for Williams-Sonoma. via Augmented reality allows shoppers to see how furniture will look in their homes

Take your existing skills for creating content and apply them to the new opportunities of video, chatbots and augmented reality. Don’t make the mistake of abandoning what you do to learn a new technology. 2018 is going to require that you expand your horizons by providing higher quality content in more formats than ever before.

Make 2018 your best year ever!

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