Daily Content Creation – Then Life Happens

Can’t Talk…Now What?

My daily content creation might be in jeopardy. Not being able to talk for 14 days has caused some pretty strange behaviors and some serious reflection.

First The Strange Behavior

I dreamed all night about the value of communication. Really that’s weird! I dream about all of the ways that I communicate over the course of the week. The process of taking a Live Feed on Facebook and turning it into a podcast. I thought about how I take the video content and turn it into worksheets, checklists, blog posts, and training programs.  daily content creationThen I woke and realized that too many things began with the live video. I almost shut down my daily content creation because it all began with me speaking on live video.

There was a time when I wrote first, then spoke what I wrote. But I learned that the live “interaction” allowed me to formulate thoughts from a place that made content more engaging. In other words, I learned to work from a strength. I coach people to do this all the time. In the Content Creation Marketing Machine we always start where you work best and build on that platform.

Now The Serious Reflection

Now I’m going through a temporary disruption of that process. I can’t talk. So what does that mean for my daily content creation? How will I continue to touch my audience in the absence of a voice?

This is what I’ve learned:

  • Video can’t be the only thing I do. If video was my only method of creating content I would be in trouble, but it’s not. In addition to Live Feed videos I also do daily quotes, twitter posts, blog posts, share other people’s content, and offer insight from articles affecting the industry.
  • Draw from my archives. I have a huge library of content from which I can draw. Creating “evergreen” content, the kind of content that’s relevant regardless of what is happening in the world, allows me to draw from that library. Yesterday I shared from the archives “Positive on the Offensive” – always a timely topic.
  • Stay engaged. Just because I can’t talk doesn’t mean that I can’t touch. I have consistently done a video broadcast Monday – Thursday at 9:00am for almost 2 years. There is an expectation that I will be Live at 9:00. When I can’t fulfill that obligation I still need to communicate. I still need to share why. I don’t like to expose my life on FB, but sharing the struggle allows people to care. Allow them to engage with you even if the format changes.
  • Have a plan to expand my footprint. Limitations always cause me to recognize I need to grow. I had become very comfortable with my content process then it got disrupted – time to reevaluate. Obviously there are some automations that would improve the process. However automations can only run what has already been created. Creating additional types of content takes on a new priority. Quizzes, personal messages, forums, Q&A platforms all look like very attractive ways to expand my presence.

So What About You?

Are you depending on a limited number of touch points with your audience? If for some reason that were to be put on hold do you have a plan?

I started the Content Creation Marketing Machine so you could maintain continuous contact with your audience. I was in the process of kicking that program off when this flu hit. Because of that delay I’m making a special offer to anyone who is ready to grow their audience. Use the button below to find out more. The offer changes as soon as I get my voice back.

daily content creation

The Content Marketing Creation Machine

Content Marketing in a Digital Age

Content marketing is a very hot topic. Unlike many marketing trends that catch fire and die quickly, content marketing is here to stay. It’s a proven way to interest customers and convert them into buyers.

The magnitude of information thrown at customers every day causes them to guard their attention closely. If you want to grab your customers’ attention, you need to produce content that solves real problems of higher quality than that of your competitors. That’s a tall order.

“The reality is that while website content can be a great marketing tool, it can also be a trap for the unwary who miss some key opportunities to really develop their marketing efforts online successfully.

“You can read a great guide to creating great content marketing by content marketing guru Neil Patel right here.” via 3 Ways To Destroy Your Website Authority With Bad Content Marketing (And How to Change That For Good)

Write for a Community NOT for an Avatar

Popular marketing says, Create an avatar, spell out all of the demographics and psychographics of that individual. Then write specifically with that person in mind. Visualize them. Speak directly to them. Meet their needs.

Let’s challenge that thinking for a bit.  What if you wrote for a specific community? What if you focused on meeting the needs of a community instead of an individual?

Some examples of a community:

  • Senior citizens
  • Millennials
  • Parents of teenagers
  • Veterans
  • Spouses of soldiers
  • Living in Rural America
  • Teachers of preschoolers
  • Recovering disco fans

You get the idea. The community interest is the glue that binds the community not the demographics or psychographics. Each member of the community may drive a range of vehicles, shop in a diversity of locations, or have different spending habits. but they’re loyal to the community. Address the community and you reach a broader base in a more targeted manner. Address the behaviors and spending habits and you’ll be chasing forever.

Writing for the community sets you apart as the expert. When you speak to the needs of the community you’re talking to their loyalties. Try to address each individual and you risk missing them all.


Your business is recycled Japanese car parts. Who should your avatar include? Doctors? Retired School Teachers? Yuppies? Car enthusiasts?

How would you know for sure? You could take a look at your current client list. Or you could consider Miata owners community. Would it be easier to target the community or target individuals in that community?

This is a diverse group of people as you can imagine. Targeting a specific demographic you very well could miss your target. By meeting the needs of the Miata Owners Community you speak to the loyalty of the group.


Community focus flies in the face of traditional marketing

Traditional marketing says, “create an avatar (your ideal client), give him/her a name, know everything you can about that person, then speak specifically to them.”

Let’s go back to your business. Your business is selling recycled imported car parts. It’s not, to sell to a retired school teacher who likes to cruise around with the top down. Who makes $64,000 a year and invests heavily in the stock market. This school teacher has 7 grandkids and reads the Wall Street Journal daily. 

You sell recycled imported car parts…

Who is in the market for your business? Focus on the avatar and you’ll struggle trying to hit the target. Focus on the community and hit it with deadeye accuracy.

What if you frequently contributed quality content to the Miata Owners Community about: “The care of imported cars.” “Where to source quality parts.” “Ten really cool places to take a road trip in your amazing Miata on days when you can ride with your top down.” “The Top Twelve Best Brokers in America to Buy a Vintage Miata.” “Tips for insuring a vintage import.” 

You get the idea. When you’re contributing to the community you stand out from the crowd. Your contribution increases the value of the community. You’re demonstrating that you care about people who own Miata’s.

Studying the community allows you to focus your Content Marketing…

  • Read what they write. Listen to their questions. Tap into feelings and emotions in your writing. Once you understand how your buyers want to feel when they use your product, you can evoke those feelings with your content.
  • Know your communities’ buying triggers. Then send your emails and messages at the right time to interest buyers. You can also make sure that the same content is on your website and anywhere else your buyers find you.
  • Directly address problems the community experiences. Solving problems in the community helps you stand out as the expert. Your content, however you deliver it, should focus on problem solving. The result is revenue.
  • Invite influencers to persuade them. Knowing who your customers listen to (you’ll discover this by listening to and participating in the community) and respect is an important piece of the content puzzle. You want to include influencer endorsements/attributions in your content whenever possible.
  • Let the community set the tone of your voice. Listening will help you determine whether you need a formal voice or something more conversational.

What about Google and SEO?

Organic search results are important, but familiarity with an author carries weight as well. What if they began their Google search looking for you?

If potential buyers are finding you in the communities they love, they will start looking for you when they need what you sell. Build your brand around the value you bring. Content marketing puts you in multiple places all of the time, building your brand (demonstrating your value).

Quality content marketing is the secret to ranking well, but more important is building buyer confidence. You build buyer confidence by creating quality content consistently with authority and supported by market influencers.

Measure Quality by Engagement

Do you get the picture? Quality content is king because it helps you stand out in a noisy crowd. Content that doesn’t engage the audience is just noise. Standing out is essential to getting found.


Not just interesting, but useful

It’s not enough to create quality content. You must create useful content as well. Write something that creates an actionable item for your reader. Something that they can immediately put to work. What impact do you think your content would have if you began, “Before the Spring weather hits here are 5 things to post on the wall in your garage. Simple things you can do to extend the life of your roof. None of them require you to leave your mower.”

Become a resource and people will get to know, like, and trust you. When they’re ready to buy, they will also buy from you. A resource of useful information is invaluable in the world of many noises.


Don’t just care, listen

It’s not enough to say you care. You must provide a feedback mechanism…it’s called listening! The skill of listening is the most powerful content creation tool you possess. Image the impact that your content would have if you began, “I was reading in the group yesterday and 12 people mentioned that they ________ so I’ve created this ________ to help you find a local solution to __________.”  Then speak to them in their terms, exactly the way they describe the issue.

This is demonstrated listening. A skill that few possess, but an expert has mastered. An expert knows how to listen so that the question behind the question becomes obvious. Having understood the real question, the expert then formulates the response in such a way that the audience embraces the answer.


Not just facts, but relatable stories

The art of storytelling is getting lost in our 140 (now 280 characters) character limit world. A story that is meaningful and related to the topic at hand, is more valuable than any other form of communication. Our brains are wired for stories, perfect this skill and your content will stand out!

Create Engaging, Curated Content Like a Machine

Creating high quality content is work! Unless you want cookie cutter results it will always be work. BUT we have a process that can reduce the work and allow you to focus on your unique voice. Let’s talk about it…

Black Hat Marketing Techniques Exposed

Black hat marketing techniques need to be exposed. They hurt business as a whole. They should be exposed when I find them so you can avoid they tactics and their tricks.

While doing a YouTube search for promotional videos for Kudani Cloud – what I believe to be the best content curation tool on the market. I stumbled on this video and I decided to share his black hat marketing techniques with you. The more you know the more you can protect yourself.

Now you get the impression from the video title and the splash page that the content is going to be about the reason why you shouldn’t buy this product. The product was released 4 years ago and the scheduled release of the product coincides with the date of this video. The lowlife is piggybacking on the release of a very popular product to get traffic and attention to his slimy offer. By using the name of the very popular product creator he is leveraging traffic.

Look at the splash page. “Here’s me. I’m at the Giza Plateau. This is made possible by my incredible success on the internet.” While not a black hat marketing technique it has become a kind of “guru” trick.

Black Hat Endorsement

At 6:34 in the video he mentions, “the developer has specifically asked that I not reveal the pricing in this video”. He is implying that he has checked with the developer before creating this video and is complying with his request. Again this is an insider trick to fake an endorsement for the presentation.

The video creator even goes so far as to mention that “you will be receiving emails and offers to buy this product.” By doing this he is taking advantage of a kind of social proof. He’s using the traffic created by the 10,000’s of emails that are being sent around this release to drive traffic to his YouTube scam. (I say scam because clicking on the links in the comments brings up a YouTube warning that the links are dangerous and contain phishing/malware.)

Is There a Pattern Here?

Look carefully at the clip from the YouTube video. Notice that the video had been viewed 405 times and was given a thumbs down 1k times. Something seems wrong here. Something usually seems wrong when black hat marketing techniques are employed.

black hat marketing techniques exposed


In this next clip notice this man’s method. He takes a popular topic, product launch, or popular product creator and  and leverages their name. The term “Don’t Buy” creates an automatic response in your mind. It’s a trigger  that there is something wrong and you need to find out what it is. This is clear psychological manipulation.

The last thing that caught my attention was the search terms used in the video post. By stuffing the video post with search terms appearing as a review it gives the appearance of endorsement. Notice particularly the number of times he promises the very thing which he has no intention of delivering. Terms like: “scam”, “exposed”, “revealed”, “don’t buy”, and “should I buy” are triggers. Those phrases are specifically intend to capture your attention and play on your curiosity.

These techniques are as old as internet marketing, but they continue popping up. Don’t pull these tricks. Don’t be trapped by them.

For more on marketing techniques that are morally acceptable schedule a time with me.

Postscript: Apparently the creator of the original video has passed away. While we mourn his loss we are aware that many claimed to have learned everything they know about marketing on the internet from him.

Marketing Message Offer
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Content Marketing’s Hottest Strategies for 2018

What’s Your Content Marketing Strategy for 2018?

Content marketing is going to become a hotter marketing strategy as we move into 2018.Consumers expect the companies that they do business with to provide exceptional services including quality content.The format that the content takes is changing, but the need for content will never go away. Let’s explore several ways that content marketing is “improving”.

content marketing
Thanks to a confluence of services, consumers will have increased expectations from brands of all kinds. Voice assistants, same-day delivery and on-demand content will mean that both B2C and B2B marketers must find innovative new ways to delight prospects and customers with nearly instant service. via 18 Marketing Trends to Watch in 2018

The method of delivery will vary according to the targeted audience, but if anything the need for quality content is definitely going to increase in 2018.

The Top Five Marketing Trends for 2018 Include…

In a few short weeks we will be past all of the holidays and ready to plunge full force in the normal routine of 2018 Where should the greatest emphasis be placed as we plan out the coming year?

Influencers Will Have Greater Importance

There is an influx of “fake” influencers with phony followers which runs contrary to the demand that the public has for authenticity.

According to Smart Insights, 84% of marketers planned at least one influencer marketing campaign in 2017, and this number will only rise for 2018 as the technique becomes more established as an antidote for the decline in programmatic and banner advertising. via Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends For 2018

A Greater Emphasis on Quality Over Quantity

Sloppy or poorly content has no place in the 2018. The rise of the millennial and the discovery  techniques they bring will banish the quantity first model that has dominated in the past. Putting out good high quality content on a consistent basis is going to give you much greater traction.

Relevant content marketing is aimed at addressing your audience’s needs, desires, concerns, questions, interests, and challenges. By tuning into what your customers are looking for, you can establish your brand as a trusted expert your audience can rely on for understanding and answers. via Why Quality Content Marketing Is Still King · Post Launch


Research must improve for the quality to improve. The rise of “fake news” will demand that sources be verified and carefully documented. Good practices for creating and curating content will include good sourcing, careful organization, engaging content,  and a variety in the presentation.

Video Will Continue To Be A Dominant Medium

The past couple of years has seen a rapid growth of “Live Streaming Video” platforms. Periscope, Facebook Live, and Youtube Live have all created their own niche.  There may be more players in the near future as more news outlets are taking up the Live game.

Video marketing absolutely needs to be part of your marketing strategy this year. Here’s why. Video is projected to claim more than 80% of all web traffic by 2019. Adding a video to marketing emails can boost click-through rates by 200-300%. via Video Marketing: The Future Of Content Marketing – Forbes  

Content marketing

Chatbots Bring Artificial Intelligence to The Conversation

Chatbots are evolving to master more complex questions and requests. While it’s still early days for the technology, companies across industries have tapped these virtual assistants to provide better customer service. via 5 chatbots transforming work around the world

Chatbots may be the best use of AI to date. They bring real time automation with the capability of intuitively responding to real customer’s needs. Hopefully this will bring an end to the “Press *23 for an employee directory” days. That simply can’t end soon enough. Replaced by an a well programed Chatbot will be a welcomed relief.

The last area is a few years from full implementation, but its time is rapidly coming…

The Reality of Augmented Reality

As we’ve seen many times in the past the technology is being perfected through gaming. Pokemon Go and Snapchat are the early attempts at an augmented reality world.

We are getting to the point where the commercial applications could make a huge difference for marketing in the very near future.

“You will be able to imagine what products look like in your home in your setting while standing in your living room. To us we think that’s a game-changer,” said Felix Carbullido, Chief Marketing Officer for Williams-Sonoma. via Augmented reality allows shoppers to see how furniture will look in their homes

Take your existing skills for creating content and apply them to the new opportunities of video, chatbots and augmented reality. Don’t make the mistake of abandoning what you do to learn a new technology. 2018 is going to require that you expand your horizons by providing higher quality content in more formats than ever before.

Make 2018 your best year ever!

I started the Content Creation Marketing Machine so you could maintain continuous contact with your audience. I was in the process of kicking that program off when this flu hit. Because of that delay I’m making a special offer to anyone who is ready to grow their audience. Use the button below to find out more. The offer changes as soon as I get my voice back.