Daily Content Creation – Then Life Happens

Can’t Talk…Now What?

My daily content creation might be in jeopardy. Not being able to talk for 14 days has caused some pretty strange behaviors and some serious reflection.

First The Strange Behavior

I dreamed all night about the value of communication. Really that’s weird! I dream about all of the ways that I communicate over the course of the week. The process of taking a Live Feed on Facebook and turning it into a podcast. I thought about how I take the video content and turn it into worksheets, checklists, blog posts, and training programs.  daily content creationThen I woke and realized that too many things began with the live video. I almost shut down my daily content creation because it all began with me speaking on live video.

There was a time when I wrote first, then spoke what I wrote. But I learned that the live “interaction” allowed me to formulate thoughts from a place that made content more engaging. In other words, I learned to work from a strength. I coach people to do this all the time. In the Content Creation Marketing Machine we always start where you work best and build on that platform.

Now The Serious Reflection

Now I’m going through a temporary disruption of that process. I can’t talk. So what does that mean for my daily content creation? How will I continue to touch my audience in the absence of a voice?

This is what I’ve learned:

  • Video can’t be the only thing I do. If video was my only method of creating content I would be in trouble, but it’s not. In addition to Live Feed videos I also do daily quotes, twitter posts, blog posts, share other people’s content, and offer insight from articles affecting the industry.
  • Draw from my archives. I have a huge library of content from which I can draw. Creating “evergreen” content, the kind of content that’s relevant regardless of what is happening in the world, allows me to draw from that library. Yesterday I shared from the archives “Positive on the Offensive” – always a timely topic.
  • Stay engaged. Just because I can’t talk doesn’t mean that I can’t touch. I have consistently done a video broadcast Monday – Thursday at 9:00am for almost 2 years. There is an expectation that I will be Live at 9:00. When I can’t fulfill that obligation I still need to communicate. I still need to share why. I don’t like to expose my life on FB, but sharing the struggle allows people to care. Allow them to engage with you even if the format changes.
  • Have a plan to expand my footprint. Limitations always cause me to recognize I need to grow. I had become very comfortable with my content process then it got disrupted – time to reevaluate. Obviously there are some automations that would improve the process. However automations can only run what has already been created. Creating additional types of content takes on a new priority. Quizzes, personal messages, forums, Q&A platforms all look like very attractive ways to expand my presence.

So What About You?

Are you depending on a limited number of touch points with your audience? If for some reason that were to be put on hold do you have a plan?

I started the Content Creation Marketing Machine so you could maintain continuous contact with your audience. I was in the process of kicking that program off when this flu hit. Because of that delay I’m making a special offer to anyone who is ready to grow their audience. Use the button below to find out more. The offer changes as soon as I get my voice back.

daily content creation

Plan Your Year in Three Words

Plan your year in three simple words. It’s more challenging than it seems yet there is magic in its simplicity. Join me as I apply this process to my year.

The Model

“There is nothing new under the sun.” So it would make good sense to see if you can find a model to follow. Someone who has experienced some success doing the thing that you want to do. Because success leaves clues. I want to find the clues and see what I can pick up to incorporate into my experience. Maybe avoiding a few hiccups along the way.

I looked back at 2017 and I knew I didn’t exactly want to reproduce those results. (I’m going to save the ugly details for later.) I also learned some very valuable lessons that I knew would benefit me this year. However, I struggled with achieving some goals that left me committed to doing better this year. In my quest I found  an article by Chris Brogan that would change everything for me… My 3 Words for 2018

I found a model that I could use and make my own.  The two essential requirements for success – it’s simple and it works!

Trigger Words

I’m fully aware of the power that a single word can produce. I know that there is magic in a word when it is anchored to an emotion or memory. I’ve experienced complete transformation, both positive and negative, by hearing one simple word.


Neurologically, we have an instinctual reaction to words and language. Researchers have found that we are hardwired to associate sounds with images, even in words we do not comprehend. via 189 Powerful Words That Convert

The thought of anchoring my whole plans for the year on 3 words seemed simple enough. I already had an idea of where I wanted to focus my attention. Now, just pick three words and write them on the wall.

Just one problem…


What 3 Words…To Plan Your Year?

The concept is simple enough, but hanging my daily plans for 365 days on 3 words? That is quite another thing. Could I pick three words that would properly reflect everything I wanted to accomplish for the year? They had to be broad enough that I would be inspired to accomplish them without getting bored and jumping ship. They had to be deep enough that I would never feel as if I had arrived. I had to select three words that were in alignment with my core values. Three words that help me accomplish my Vision Statement. Suddenly the choice held new significance.

Plan your year using three words is very different than setting three goals. Goals are something you work toward. They are measured by certain milestones. They occupy a certain amount of your schedule. You check them off when you’re finished. Not so with these planning words. You don’t work towards them 6 hours a day…you’re always working on them. Every single activity must be connected to one of these three words.

Here are my three words for 2018:



Content was going to be my passion for the year so this one was easy. The more I thought about it the deeper that thought went. I have always had a content focus. Instead of setting a goal for volume of content I’m focusing on the deeper aspects of creating quality content that not only converts but transforms. 

Creating high quality, valuable content is my legacy to the world. To connect with an audience as Milton Gregory stated in the 7 Laws of Teaching, the UNKNOWN must be explained by means of the KNOWN. My mantra has always been – Simple Makes Awesome Easy! A quality content focus takes complex topics and renders them as simple as possible, but not simpler


I’m using build as in body building. I’m going to build some new skills. Skills driven by last years experiences. Speaking, doing webinars, providing customer service assistance, communicating internationally, interpreting challenges and creating strategies has been the first step in creating a “body” that is prepared for the task.  I’m going to pursue and approach each of those task as a bodybuilder approaches a workout.

The bodybuilding analogy is appropriate given the lessons from the previous year. I jumped into 2017 going down a particular path only to get knocked off that path about midyear. I learned much, but I didn’t have much I could build upon. This year if it doesn’t build it doesn’t happen.


Devote my time and efforts to communities of people committed with common interests and shared responsibilities. Provide as much value in those communities as possible focusing on how I can help them “get what they want so I can get what I want.”

I’ve learned much about building communities in the digital age. Committing to providing value in communities is the best way to demonstrate expertise and build communication skills. I’ve already found some communities where I will be a part and I looking for more. While at the same time creating my own.

It’s going to be an interesting year. I now have something I can remember (even if it is 3:00 am) stone cold. Three words that when I wake I already know what I’m going to do. When I have completed a task I know immediately what to do next. Three simple words that will be my litmus test for my entire year as they formulate my thoughts moment by moment.

What Are your Three words?

Maybe you need a coach that can help you find your focus.

The Content Marketing Creation Machine

Content Marketing in a Digital Age

Content marketing is a very hot topic. Unlike many marketing trends that catch fire and die quickly, content marketing is here to stay. It’s a proven way to interest customers and convert them into buyers.

The magnitude of information thrown at customers every day causes them to guard their attention closely. If you want to grab your customers’ attention, you need to produce content that solves real problems of higher quality than that of your competitors. That’s a tall order.

“The reality is that while website content can be a great marketing tool, it can also be a trap for the unwary who miss some key opportunities to really develop their marketing efforts online successfully.

“You can read a great guide to creating great content marketing by content marketing guru Neil Patel right here.” via 3 Ways To Destroy Your Website Authority With Bad Content Marketing (And How to Change That For Good)

Write for a Community NOT for an Avatar

Popular marketing says, Create an avatar, spell out all of the demographics and psychographics of that individual. Then write specifically with that person in mind. Visualize them. Speak directly to them. Meet their needs.

Let’s challenge that thinking for a bit.  What if you wrote for a specific community? What if you focused on meeting the needs of a community instead of an individual?

Some examples of a community:

  • Senior citizens
  • Millennials
  • Parents of teenagers
  • Veterans
  • Spouses of soldiers
  • Living in Rural America
  • Teachers of preschoolers
  • Recovering disco fans

You get the idea. The community interest is the glue that binds the community not the demographics or psychographics. Each member of the community may drive a range of vehicles, shop in a diversity of locations, or have different spending habits. but they’re loyal to the community. Address the community and you reach a broader base in a more targeted manner. Address the behaviors and spending habits and you’ll be chasing forever.

Writing for the community sets you apart as the expert. When you speak to the needs of the community you’re talking to their loyalties. Try to address each individual and you risk missing them all.


Your business is recycled Japanese car parts. Who should your avatar include? Doctors? Retired School Teachers? Yuppies? Car enthusiasts?

How would you know for sure? You could take a look at your current client list. Or you could consider Miata owners community. Would it be easier to target the community or target individuals in that community?

This is a diverse group of people as you can imagine. Targeting a specific demographic you very well could miss your target. By meeting the needs of the Miata Owners Community you speak to the loyalty of the group.


Community focus flies in the face of traditional marketing

Traditional marketing says, “create an avatar (your ideal client), give him/her a name, know everything you can about that person, then speak specifically to them.”

Let’s go back to your business. Your business is selling recycled imported car parts. It’s not, to sell to a retired school teacher who likes to cruise around with the top down. Who makes $64,000 a year and invests heavily in the stock market. This school teacher has 7 grandkids and reads the Wall Street Journal daily. 

You sell recycled imported car parts…

Who is in the market for your business? Focus on the avatar and you’ll struggle trying to hit the target. Focus on the community and hit it with deadeye accuracy.

What if you frequently contributed quality content to the Miata Owners Community about: “The care of imported cars.” “Where to source quality parts.” “Ten really cool places to take a road trip in your amazing Miata on days when you can ride with your top down.” “The Top Twelve Best Brokers in America to Buy a Vintage Miata.” “Tips for insuring a vintage import.” 

You get the idea. When you’re contributing to the community you stand out from the crowd. Your contribution increases the value of the community. You’re demonstrating that you care about people who own Miata’s.

Studying the community allows you to focus your Content Marketing…

  • Read what they write. Listen to their questions. Tap into feelings and emotions in your writing. Once you understand how your buyers want to feel when they use your product, you can evoke those feelings with your content.
  • Know your communities’ buying triggers. Then send your emails and messages at the right time to interest buyers. You can also make sure that the same content is on your website and anywhere else your buyers find you.
  • Directly address problems the community experiences. Solving problems in the community helps you stand out as the expert. Your content, however you deliver it, should focus on problem solving. The result is revenue.
  • Invite influencers to persuade them. Knowing who your customers listen to (you’ll discover this by listening to and participating in the community) and respect is an important piece of the content puzzle. You want to include influencer endorsements/attributions in your content whenever possible.
  • Let the community set the tone of your voice. Listening will help you determine whether you need a formal voice or something more conversational.

What about Google and SEO?

Organic search results are important, but familiarity with an author carries weight as well. What if they began their Google search looking for you?

If potential buyers are finding you in the communities they love, they will start looking for you when they need what you sell. Build your brand around the value you bring. Content marketing puts you in multiple places all of the time, building your brand (demonstrating your value).

Quality content marketing is the secret to ranking well, but more important is building buyer confidence. You build buyer confidence by creating quality content consistently with authority and supported by market influencers.

Measure Quality by Engagement

Do you get the picture? Quality content is king because it helps you stand out in a noisy crowd. Content that doesn’t engage the audience is just noise. Standing out is essential to getting found.


Not just interesting, but useful

It’s not enough to create quality content. You must create useful content as well. Write something that creates an actionable item for your reader. Something that they can immediately put to work. What impact do you think your content would have if you began, “Before the Spring weather hits here are 5 things to post on the wall in your garage. Simple things you can do to extend the life of your roof. None of them require you to leave your mower.”

Become a resource and people will get to know, like, and trust you. When they’re ready to buy, they will also buy from you. A resource of useful information is invaluable in the world of many noises.


Don’t just care, listen

It’s not enough to say you care. You must provide a feedback mechanism…it’s called listening! The skill of listening is the most powerful content creation tool you possess. Image the impact that your content would have if you began, “I was reading in the group yesterday and 12 people mentioned that they ________ so I’ve created this ________ to help you find a local solution to __________.”  Then speak to them in their terms, exactly the way they describe the issue.

This is demonstrated listening. A skill that few possess, but an expert has mastered. An expert knows how to listen so that the question behind the question becomes obvious. Having understood the real question, the expert then formulates the response in such a way that the audience embraces the answer.


Not just facts, but relatable stories

The art of storytelling is getting lost in our 140 (now 280 characters) character limit world. A story that is meaningful and related to the topic at hand, is more valuable than any other form of communication. Our brains are wired for stories, perfect this skill and your content will stand out!

Create Engaging, Curated Content Like a Machine

Creating high quality content is work! Unless you want cookie cutter results it will always be work. BUT we have a process that can reduce the work and allow you to focus on your unique voice. Let’s talk about it…

How Employing Facebook Ads Drives Tons of Traffic to Your Blog

Your Blog is Your Content Machine

You want people to know, like, and trust you? Then delivering quality content that addresses real questions, real issues and real need must be your goal.  People engage with companies that provide quality content on a consistent basis.

Traffic Machine

Blogging itself is one of the important traffic drivers, but what if you fuel it with Facebook? Still, there are many marketers & bloggers, who despite investing handsome amounts in content creation, find it difficult to reach their target audience. And leaving it to luck is a big NO.

Facebook has announced a new policy that should cut down on a lot of spammy garbage from your timeline. Going forward, all posts that ask users to engage with them in any way will be demoted and buried out of view. via Facebook to start demoting posts with engagement bait titles

Wait and see, is a poor business strategy. Going the extra mile is what separates the Pros from the wannabes. Just a bit of extra effort can catapult you to a whole different level of achievement.

A lot of the business owners we speak to are surprised when we mention that Facebook advertising can be a great option to reach more of their prospective target audience, drive traffic and make sales online. via Six reasons why your business should invest in Facebook Advertising

Facebook Ads are a great start to reach your target audience. They are more economical than other alternatives and offer the right amount of tweaking to get your content seen by the right target audience. Let’s get started and see how employing Facebook ads can drive in tons of traffic to your blog:

Make Facebook a supporting tactic to gain exposure:

Your blog should be the foundation of your marketing strategies. The quality of your content matters the most when it comes to reaching your target audience.

Craft your ad in such a way that it doesn’t sound salesy. Facebook should be used as a supportive tactic to gain exposure for your blog. Once visitors click through your blog, you can use your lead capture tactics as a better measurement of your marketing success. By including Facebook Ads in your marketing arsenal, you’ll have the double benefit of increased blog traffic and Facebook fan reach.

Amplify your blog with ads:

Facebook Ads brings in tremendous opportunities for marketers to promote their content directly to their ideal audience. Ad manager and editor, allows you to overcome organic reach limits.You can precisely target the demographics that are most important to you by setting audience parameters using location, job titles, interests, income levels and more.

An advantage of advertising on Facebook is that you have the ability to target specific audiences. This is due to the fact that Facebook are always finding out new information about its users. Facebook is constantly scanning what you have liked and shared to help build personas of its audience. It will then be able to pull this data and discover more information by the type of person you are and similar others out there. via Why You Should Consider Facebook Advertising – Beyond Clicks

Facebook Ads as compared with other advertising platforms are relatively inexpensive and holds the same value (possibly more), considering the benefits it offers to marketers. A post with quality engagement, benefits by promoting it with a boost. Target to your fans, friends and others who then become your strongest leads.

Video Ads are the new lead magnet:

Facebook prioritizes native videos as compared to the videos that are shared from other platforms. And according to Facebook, native video ads are receiving higher user interest and engagement. You can use Facebook’s video Ad tool to reach out to your fans and drive traffic to your blog.

When you upload a video, you have the option to include a CTA at the end, that links to a URL. This feature uses native videos’ powerful extended reach to drive viewers to the web page of your choice. Someone watches your video, a CTA button shows up. They click – redirected to the URL specified. Refer to Facebook’s Video guide for the most up to date information.

Facebook will begin testing 6-second ads before videos next year. It will also require videos to be at least three minutes in length to have an ad break, instead of just 90 seconds. The company will also change the Newsfeed to include more videos from … via Facebook will put ads before videos as part of a new advertising strategy next year

Facebook brings new updates on a regular basis. Don’t get distracted by it, move to an updated plan that integrates your blog’s quality content with Facebook sharing. Your increased blog promotion leads to more traffic and overall engagement, which is a much better measure of your online marketing success.


Dominate your marketplace with the most advanced Facebook advertising training available today. Get your hands on this before your competition does…

Your Content – The Goose That Laid the Golden Egg

Content Marketing 

According to Google, a golden goose is “a continuing source of wealth or profit that may be exhausted if it is misused.” I used to offer a Leadership Training Program called the Care and Feeding of the Goose that Laid the Golden Egg. Today we take those same principles and apply them to your website. While you probably already know that the content on your website reigns supreme, you can also think of it as a golden goose that you must tend to regularly. 

Here are some reasons why…

Your Website Content is Your Golden Goose

According to ancient legend, there was once a man who owned a beautiful golden goose that would lay one egg made of solid gold each day. Everyday the owner would collect an egg. One day the owner became very greedy and killed the goose in an effort to get all of the gold at once. Naturally the plan backfired because a dead goose lays no eggs. Not unlike the golden goose, your website can be a perpetual source of income because it inevitably drives your audience to buy products and services from you. 

So let’s examine a few principles from the Care and Feeding of the Goose that Laid the Golden Egg…

You Need to Feed Your Goose

You can’t put your goose in a pond devoid of fish or vegetation and expect it to survive. She needs to be fed to thrive and to grow so that she can continually   lay golden eggs. In much the same way, you must continue to nurture your website content by updating it regularly and ensuring that it is still relevant. Otherwise, your content will not continue to provide value, so your profits will decline – or even stop altogether. One of the best ways is to create a blog and update it regularly. This can go a long way toward keeping your content fresh and new, which is important to viewership and your search results rank.

Your Goose Thrives in a Flock

Every living thing is better in community. Otherwise, it becomes lonely and self-absorbed. Think of your website content in much the same way, except in this case, community refers to an “other” focus. First, take the needs of the other person in consideration when creating content. Then, backlink to authoritative websites that will help your visitors find the information they need. What’s more, you should make sure that you provide access to your social media pages directly from your site, and vice-versa. Not only does this provide your golden goose with companionship, but it also helps to satisfy Google algorithms that ultimately determine your search results rank.

When you care for your goose…

She Will Provide You With Continual Income

Relevant content is the number one driver of website traffic. Inserting the right keywords in the right places and making sure your content is free from grammar and spelling issues is the same as grooming, feeding, and caring for your golden goose. Remember that things change, including trending keywords and phrases, so you must care for your content by continuously looking for popular and trending keywords related to your industry. You must address trending issues with you unique perspective that your audience will come to depend upon. 

When you fail to tend to your content, or when you push for too much too quickly, you’ll end up killing your goose – and your source of income. Today your website is a very important part of your marketing plan. As such, just like the legend of the golden goose, you must care for your content and nurture it if you want it to continue to thrive and lay those golden eggs.  

Focus on A Quality Content Strategy

The local business owner needs to connect with his/her market in new and engaging ways that makes it easy for them be found, liked and trusted. Let us help you build a strategy that will do that very thing…

Finally, a Discovering Content Solution that Works

Nuzzel a Great Tool for Discovering Content

Discovering content that my client and prospects need and want is a daily challenge. I search for and read a ton of content everyday. I do so to provide the best quality information possible to my tribe. So any time I can find something that will help me connect with quality trending information I immediately check it out. 

Nuzzel is such a product. 

I’ve found this to be more helpful than Buzzsumo for finding the content that my audience is consuming. I’m going to save the comparisons for another video, but for now let me introduce you to the coolest tool that tracks the very things that your audience is reading.

Content and SEO

Nuzzel is rapidly becoming my “goto app” for discovering content. I want to know what my audience is interested in and how to connect to their needs. The video above demonstrates exactly how that is done. From that platform you can share, email or capture and curate in articles that you know your audience has a demonstrated interest. 

Content marketing is the way your clients and potential clients get to know, like, and trust you. It’s also essential if they’re going to find you. Relevant content is also necessary for recognition by Google. Organic searches are still the best means of converting viewers. They found you because you addressed a real need. They were searching for something and they found you. 

You build authority by directing your content to demonstrated needs. Curate that content with your unique twist and your influence begins to rise. 


discovering content

The landscape is changing. Quality content is still the number one thing that people are searching for, but how it’s being delivered is expanding all of the time.

More content can help, sure. But if that’s all you’re chasing… get ready to be exhausted and broke. You need strategy and innovative thinking if you want to get results now. And you still need SEO’s free, high-converting traffic. via: 6 Things New SEO Research Reveals About Content Marketing

No longer is it about the quantity of content you produce (serious questions exist about if that ever really accomplished much) it’s about the quality delivered on multiple platforms using multiple mediums.

What you need to stand out in the midst of this crowded marketplace is a clear strategy. Nuzzel can help, but you are going to need more. Creating and delivering engaging content is work that pays huge dividends.

Focus on A quality Content strategy!

The local business owner needs to connect with his/her market in new and engaging ways that makes it easy for them be found, liked and trusted. Let us help you build a strategy that will do that very thing…