Black Hat Marketing Techniques Exposed

Black hat marketing techniques need to be exposed. They hurt business as a whole. They should be exposed when I find them so you can avoid they tactics and their tricks.

While doing a YouTube search for promotional videos for Kudani Cloud – what I believe to be the best content curation tool on the market. I stumbled on this video and I decided to share his black hat marketing techniques with you. The more you know the more you can protect yourself.

Now you get the impression from the video title and the splash page that the content is going to be about the reason why you shouldn’t buy this product. The product was released 4 years ago and the scheduled release of the product coincides with the date of this video. The lowlife is piggybacking on the release of a very popular product to get traffic and attention to his slimy offer. By using the name of the very popular product creator he is leveraging traffic.

Look at the splash page. “Here’s me. I’m at the Giza Plateau. This is made possible by my incredible success on the internet.” While not a black hat marketing technique it has become a kind of “guru” trick.

Black Hat Endorsement

At 6:34 in the video he mentions, “the developer has specifically asked that I not reveal the pricing in this video”. He is implying that he has checked with the developer before creating this video and is complying with his request. Again this is an insider trick to fake an endorsement for the presentation.

The video creator even goes so far as to mention that “you will be receiving emails and offers to buy this product.” By doing this he is taking advantage of a kind of social proof. He’s using the traffic created by the 10,000’s of emails that are being sent around this release to drive traffic to his YouTube scam. (I say scam because clicking on the links in the comments brings up a YouTube warning that the links are dangerous and contain phishing/malware.)

Is There a Pattern Here?

Look carefully at the clip from the YouTube video. Notice that the video had been viewed 405 times and was given a thumbs down 1k times. Something seems wrong here. Something usually seems wrong when black hat marketing techniques are employed.

black hat marketing techniques exposed


In this next clip notice this man’s method. He takes a popular topic, product launch, or popular product creator and  and leverages their name. The term “Don’t Buy” creates an automatic response in your mind. It’s a trigger  that there is something wrong and you need to find out what it is. This is clear psychological manipulation.

The last thing that caught my attention was the search terms used in the video post. By stuffing the video post with search terms appearing as a review it gives the appearance of endorsement. Notice particularly the number of times he promises the very thing which he has no intention of delivering. Terms like: “scam”, “exposed”, “revealed”, “don’t buy”, and “should I buy” are triggers. Those phrases are specifically intend to capture your attention and play on your curiosity.

These techniques are as old as internet marketing, but they continue popping up. Don’t pull these tricks. Don’t be trapped by them.

For more on marketing techniques that are morally acceptable schedule a time with me.

Postscript: Apparently the creator of the original video has passed away. While we mourn his loss we are aware that many claimed to have learned everything they know about marketing on the internet from him.

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