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Engagement is What Facebook Rewards

The Facebook uses a feed algorithm that actually rewards active advertisers and engaging content producers. Engaging content is defined as the reactions, comments, and shares your posts get. This equates into better reach. This goes for both organic and paid (your advertising dollars will go further).

The people who complain that their Fan Page isn’t getting the reach it once had may be being penalized for not providing engaging content. Nobody wants to hear about your products and services all of the time. So if they stop liking, commenting and sharing your content the reach of your posts will dry up both organically and paid.

Put in the simplest terms possible; “If you don’t give people what they want (as indicated by their engagement with your content), fewer people will see it and Facebook will charge you more.”

So creating engaging content is the key to expanding your reach (both paid and organic) on Facebook. This is good business on Facebook’s part and it creates a challenge for you. You must figure out what people want and you must deliver it to them. Simply asking them to like comment or share isn’t enough. You must deliver quality content on a regular basis.

Three Facebook Hacks


I wrote Three Facebook Hacks for Your Business to help you understand the three major activities that will give your more engagement.

Facebook will gladly hook their vacuum up to your bank account and suck out as much money as possible without delivering a thing to your fans if you fail to offer them quality content. There is no hack for this. It is just a fact.

Facebook’s Terms of Service are there to protect the experience for the viewer. They promise to deliver quality content for free to the people who want it. Your job is to make sure the content actually help Facebook keep its promise.

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