The Myth Of Done For You Programs – The Value of Seeking, Struggling and Surviving

There is a plethora of done for you programs available today, but what does that really mean? Is this a shortcut to money in the bank or is it the next big myth?

Done for You Program – What Does it Really Mean?

It seems like every industry is flooded with someone offering to do all of the work for you and you simply get money transferred to your account. I mean that sounds pretty cool doesn’t it?

So what’s wrong with the done for you programs? Why do they lead to a condition we are calling learned helplessness? I just got a email from the long time marketing genius Marlon Sanders check out his comment…

“These are SKILLS you learn. You got to dig in and WORK to learn them. They don’t fall into your lap. Otherwise everyone in the freaking world could already do it and they wouldn’t need YOU now, would they? It’s GOOD that it’s not all easy and fast to learn. If it were, there would be no opportunity for you.” ~~Marlon Sanders

His focus on work is worth noting. This flies in the face of the done for you hollow and empty promises. If it doesn’t require work they don’t need you. This is pretty simple and it makes perfect sense. Let’s see what we might be missing out on if we jump on this train…

The Value of Seeking, Struggling and Surviving

The done for you program seeks to eliminate three of the most important exercises that a business owner goes through – seeking, struggling and surviving. In that process three questions must be considered:

  1. Is there value in struggling?
  2. Is the process more profitable that the product? Success leaves clues, but all we talk about is the clues we never talk about the struggle. We should talk about the struggle of the process.
  3. Is the outcome the goal or is mastery the goal?

Let Me Do It For You

I was involved in a done for you program last year. I cringed when I heard about it because I know where these go. I’ve never seen this work successfully. My involvement was to answer questions and help walk people through the process. The offer was to approximately 7000 people.

Here’s the program details:

  • Participant was to purchase a domain and host that URL on a hosting platform.
  • DFY delivers a WP site with theme loaded with necessary pages and placeholders for content.
  • DFY provided five “lead magnet” PDF files for opt-in offers.
  • Participant was to connect their own autoresponder.
  • DFY provided email campaign complete with (put your autoresponder code here) type of instructions – participant setup.
  • Video place holders to be replaced by videos, included in the program, once they were hosted on participant’s account.

In a few days over 300 people accessed the files and started the process. I was asked at least 200 times, “is this a good URL?” It was so bad that I created a boilerplate of questions that I pasted as the response. I wasn’t about to do that level of thinking for them. The very first question was, “What are you planning to do?” More than half answered in some way, “That thing that is part of this program.” Obviously not a candidate for any kind of program where they have to think for themselves.

Maybe the program was directed at the wrong type of people or maybe the wrong type of people are attracted to done for you programs. Either way it was a failure. I’m a big advocate of learning from the struggle…I’ve learned from this one.

What did we learn?

After thirty days I had reviewed 50 sites. Most of them looked exactly alike. Almost no personalization of any information on the sites. Many of them hadn’t even changed the contact information. Very few had actually hosted the videos and changed the placeholders. Spelling errors weren’t corrected (trade secret – you purposely include spelling errors to see who is paying attention). Only a handful had set up an autoresponder. When I asked about the lack of attention given, the response was always the same, “I didn’t know I was going to have to do all that.”

In other words, they either lacked the prerequisite skills to use a done for you program or they were simply lazy. Either way the program didn’t help. It takes time to develop skills. Consequently shortcutting that investment of time by having someone do it for you simply doesn’t work. Any benefit or possibility of success is quickly erased by the obvious lack of skill development. Above everything else the process is as greater than the product.

The Value of the Process

The value gained by the process exceeds any potential of profit. There is a shortage of real success stories of someone who didn’t have any experience/expertise suddenly making it big with a DFY program. Knowing the process by working through the struggles is a skill that puts you ahead of your competition. It gives you value that others are willing to pay for a long time to come. Chasing the done for you deal ignores the necessity of developing your value.

If you didn’t put the program together then you miss out on the product creation process. Without developing or at least modifying the site you won’t know what triggers are included. Unless you have input in the funnel you will miss out on understanding the levels you are taking someone through. (So you won’t know why you might be pissing them off in the process.)

I was the trainer for an insurance company once when they jumped on the done for you bandwagon. Instead of looking internally to those who had expertise in their market they sought an easy fix. They purchased a program from an individual in LA. Then they implemented that across the country and expected everyone to adhere to it exactly. Without recognizing there is a big difference between LA (Los Angeles) and  AL (Alabama) they were headed for trouble. The results were disastrous. Communication tolerated in LA was extremely offensive in AL. Being vested in the process would easily have identified the issues and prevented a lot of heartache.

The Law of The Harvest

The done for you program violates the law of the harvest. The law of the harvest says you can only reap what you have sown. You cannot violate this fundamental law. In order to reap you must first sow.

The seeking, struggling and surviving are all necessary steps to the harvest. Try to hack this law and you will fail.

Expertise is Value

The buying public wants an expert! They look for someone who has demonstrated expertise beyond the product. If you have a cookie cutter program what kind of an expert do you look like? Will you convince them to spend their money with you?

Short answer is they won’t buy from you. You must have some level of demonstrated expertise. You should appear in the videos. It should be your voice in the podcast. The documentation should sound like you wrote it. The ads should have your face, because ultimately you are the product.

Your gain expertise by seeking, struggling and surviving. What you learn in that process is the greatest value you can bring to potential buyers. I’m not talking about learning to code so you can create your own autoresponder. However, you certainly do need to know how to setup an email responder and you need to know how to write an email sequence. Likewise, marketing a program introduced by a PDF, eBook or whitepaper you must know what’s in those documents. Finally they must sound like you wrote them.

Where Have All of The Masters Gone

For centuries the expert was the master craftsman/tradesperson. They completed a course of training, had a trial period where they perfected their craft, and then recognized as Master.

The buying public sought them out because they knew they knew the product was delivered by a master. The done for you mentality says none of that is important any more. Seems like the only thing that matters now is the best deal supported by a knucklehead who isn’t sure how the gizmo really works.

Where Do We Go From Here?

Let’s draw a conclusion from all of this. First of all recognize that a done for you program might actually put you at a disadvantage. It could very well keep you from developing necessary skills that will benefit you and your clients in the future. Secondly run in your own lane! Why if you have spent your entire career doing one thing would you want to totally switch careers and do something different? If you are and experience HVAC mechanic don’t suddenly abandon that to run an affiliate program. You have no demonstrated expertise and no credibility. Instead find a way to create lead magnets for the HVAC industry and do lead generation. Lastly, talk to an expert. Find someone who will shot straight with you. Business is hard work. If they tell you anyone can do it, find someone who is honest.

Make 2018 the very best year ever!

Eric Mulford 

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