3 Tips for Building A Social Media Communities Presence

Social Media Community Building

Building social media communities requires a deliberate plan. People are busy. There is a lot of noise on the internet and social media in particular. Many believe (incorrectly, I might add) that this is leading to a level of social isolation never experienced before. People who choose to be isolated will find ways or excuses to do so. All social media does is magnify who you really are.

I have connected with people all over the world. I was once challenged that those people aren’t really your friends just connections on a social media platform. Not true! We’ve done business together, collaborated on projects together, and shared meaningful experiences together. Connecting was my plan. Everything I do is about making those connections and making them as meaningful as possible.

Connections are as important as in your real life. The way you treat people online should be in sync with how you treat them in real physical world. The best part of social media is – delete / unfriend / block / report abuse option. Take good use of them whenever you feel like you are in a situation (again it depends on how you would treat them in real life) via: Is social connections on social media important? – Quora

There is tremendous value in being social. That value can be greatly enhanced by social media. It’s the opportunity to connect on a regular basis in a meaningful way. From those connections you find people:

  • With less than noble intentions
  • Who simply want to lurk
  • Who are interested in you, but not your business
  • That express interest in your business, but not you
  • Who are potential business assets
  • That could become potential business partner
  • You might need as potential business collaborators

That crowd isn’t really any different than participating in a marketing event, attending a meetup or networking event, going to a business leaders convention, participating in a Chamber Ribbon Cutting, or simply walking down the street. Consider the effort you put into building a social media community in much the same way.

Here are three tips to help you make the most of those efforts.

Be Real in Your Social Connections

Be who you are. Don’t pretend to be something you’re not. We see lots of fakers online. Eventually genuineness wins out. Connections are made by and with people who are real.

If you have a unique slant on Cajun food then share it, but share it in the same way you would in person. In person you would blended your slant into normal conversation. You wouldn’t dominate conversation with it. If you did, people would eventually avoid you. Balance the number of posts you make with the number of comments you make on other people’s posts. Show genuine interest in your connection’s world. Don’t hesitate to show the world what else you know beside cajun food.

Be real in your social media communities. The only way you can connect with people is to be real. Let people know who you are. Share your life.

People want to connect to people who are real. Fake abounds in the online world. The real person will stand above the crowd. Letting people know you’re real allows meaningful connections to develop.

It isn’t enough to simply provide resources for consumers. It is equally important to give them a way to actively participate in the conversation by engaging their own social networks. This can be done in a variety of ways including sharing information with their personal network, participating in surveys, or entering contests. via: The Importance of a Personal Connection: Interactive …

Be Relevant in Your Social Media Communities

Connect with people around topics they need to know or have interest. Give them value around things that matter. When Hurricane Harvey hit Houston my Live Feeds that week highlighted the people and places that were making a difference in Houston. I don’t live there, but I know people who do. What was happening in their homes is important to me, but it was a matter of life and death to them. Share their posts. Check in on them. Connect them to resources or connect their resources to people in need. Use the social media community in exactly the same way you would use your local community.

Yes, your business is important, but so are people! If you are going to be relevant to your audience step outside your normal business focus to show you care.


When you focus on your business do it from the perspective of what is important to your connections. Put their needs first. If you’re an HVAC installer you might think that smart control thermostat on your best unit is a great feature to share. What’s important to your customer is keeping their family comfortable durring erratic weather.

Use your social connections to listen to what’s important to them. Find out how they refer to the troubles they face. What language do they use? What’s their level of frustration? What have they tried that failed? Learn to address those things and speak that language and your relevancy will skyrocket.

When the recognized authority (you) responds personally to their problems, using their langauge, offering real solutions your value in the community becomes priceless.

Be Responsive in Your Social World

When your connections post in their social media communities respond. When they listen to your live feeds thank them. Comment on their comments. Not just the ones you like the most but everyone. There is no shortage of meaningless conversation on any social media platform. I’m not suggesting that you answer every time someone asks, “What’s your favorite vacation spot?” I am saying that you should respond to things that are relevant. Don’t forget the importance of relevance.

Below is a quote from a great article, “The Tale of Two Bakers.” You can do exactly the same things in social media that the one baker did to gain a portion of market share.

Every day when you open your computer, log into your social media, read or send emails, run an ad or call someone up – you’re entering a very busy high street.

So take an interest. Be part of their day. Add to their experience. Use social media as a conversation starter and a relationship builder and do it when you can, when your bread is baking, or while you’re eating your lunch time sandwich. via: The Tale of Two Bakers (And Why You Need to be on Social Media!)

Social media community building will expand your impact in the world. It’s worth every effort you put in to it. You may not see immediate benefits. It takes time to create impact. Building social media communities should be a vital part of your overall marketing strategy. It’s not a tactic that gives immediate results. Done right, it’s a strategy that positions you as the expert in your market. The long term benefit of that trumps the immediate benefit of a short term tactic every time.

The button below will take you to a page where you can assess your social media presence. Go there and discover how well you are doing in building a social media community presence.

social media communities



The Content Marketing Creation Machine

Content Marketing in a Digital Age

Content marketing is a very hot topic. Unlike many marketing trends that catch fire and die quickly, content marketing is here to stay. It’s a proven way to interest customers and convert them into buyers.

The magnitude of information thrown at customers every day causes them to guard their attention closely. If you want to grab your customers’ attention, you need to produce content that solves real problems of higher quality than that of your competitors. That’s a tall order.

“The reality is that while website content can be a great marketing tool, it can also be a trap for the unwary who miss some key opportunities to really develop their marketing efforts online successfully.

“You can read a great guide to creating great content marketing by content marketing guru Neil Patel right here.” via 3 Ways To Destroy Your Website Authority With Bad Content Marketing (And How to Change That For Good)

Write for a Community NOT for an Avatar

Popular marketing says, Create an avatar, spell out all of the demographics and psychographics of that individual. Then write specifically with that person in mind. Visualize them. Speak directly to them. Meet their needs.

Let’s challenge that thinking for a bit.  What if you wrote for a specific community? What if you focused on meeting the needs of a community instead of an individual?

Some examples of a community:

  • Senior citizens
  • Millennials
  • Parents of teenagers
  • Veterans
  • Spouses of soldiers
  • Living in Rural America
  • Teachers of preschoolers
  • Recovering disco fans

You get the idea. The community interest is the glue that binds the community not the demographics or psychographics. Each member of the community may drive a range of vehicles, shop in a diversity of locations, or have different spending habits. but they’re loyal to the community. Address the community and you reach a broader base in a more targeted manner. Address the behaviors and spending habits and you’ll be chasing forever.

Writing for the community sets you apart as the expert. When you speak to the needs of the community you’re talking to their loyalties. Try to address each individual and you risk missing them all.


Your business is recycled Japanese car parts. Who should your avatar include? Doctors? Retired School Teachers? Yuppies? Car enthusiasts?

How would you know for sure? You could take a look at your current client list. Or you could consider Miata owners community. Would it be easier to target the community or target individuals in that community?

This is a diverse group of people as you can imagine. Targeting a specific demographic you very well could miss your target. By meeting the needs of the Miata Owners Community you speak to the loyalty of the group.


Community focus flies in the face of traditional marketing

Traditional marketing says, “create an avatar (your ideal client), give him/her a name, know everything you can about that person, then speak specifically to them.”

Let’s go back to your business. Your business is selling recycled imported car parts. It’s not, to sell to a retired school teacher who likes to cruise around with the top down. Who makes $64,000 a year and invests heavily in the stock market. This school teacher has 7 grandkids and reads the Wall Street Journal daily. 

You sell recycled imported car parts…

Who is in the market for your business? Focus on the avatar and you’ll struggle trying to hit the target. Focus on the community and hit it with deadeye accuracy.

What if you frequently contributed quality content to the Miata Owners Community about: “The care of imported cars.” “Where to source quality parts.” “Ten really cool places to take a road trip in your amazing Miata on days when you can ride with your top down.” “The Top Twelve Best Brokers in America to Buy a Vintage Miata.” “Tips for insuring a vintage import.” 

You get the idea. When you’re contributing to the community you stand out from the crowd. Your contribution increases the value of the community. You’re demonstrating that you care about people who own Miata’s.

Studying the community allows you to focus your Content Marketing…

  • Read what they write. Listen to their questions. Tap into feelings and emotions in your writing. Once you understand how your buyers want to feel when they use your product, you can evoke those feelings with your content.
  • Know your communities’ buying triggers. Then send your emails and messages at the right time to interest buyers. You can also make sure that the same content is on your website and anywhere else your buyers find you.
  • Directly address problems the community experiences. Solving problems in the community helps you stand out as the expert. Your content, however you deliver it, should focus on problem solving. The result is revenue.
  • Invite influencers to persuade them. Knowing who your customers listen to (you’ll discover this by listening to and participating in the community) and respect is an important piece of the content puzzle. You want to include influencer endorsements/attributions in your content whenever possible.
  • Let the community set the tone of your voice. Listening will help you determine whether you need a formal voice or something more conversational.

What about Google and SEO?

Organic search results are important, but familiarity with an author carries weight as well. What if they began their Google search looking for you?

If potential buyers are finding you in the communities they love, they will start looking for you when they need what you sell. Build your brand around the value you bring. Content marketing puts you in multiple places all of the time, building your brand (demonstrating your value).

Quality content marketing is the secret to ranking well, but more important is building buyer confidence. You build buyer confidence by creating quality content consistently with authority and supported by market influencers.

Measure Quality by Engagement

Do you get the picture? Quality content is king because it helps you stand out in a noisy crowd. Content that doesn’t engage the audience is just noise. Standing out is essential to getting found.


Not just interesting, but useful

It’s not enough to create quality content. You must create useful content as well. Write something that creates an actionable item for your reader. Something that they can immediately put to work. What impact do you think your content would have if you began, “Before the Spring weather hits here are 5 things to post on the wall in your garage. Simple things you can do to extend the life of your roof. None of them require you to leave your mower.”

Become a resource and people will get to know, like, and trust you. When they’re ready to buy, they will also buy from you. A resource of useful information is invaluable in the world of many noises.


Don’t just care, listen

It’s not enough to say you care. You must provide a feedback mechanism…it’s called listening! The skill of listening is the most powerful content creation tool you possess. Image the impact that your content would have if you began, “I was reading in the group yesterday and 12 people mentioned that they ________ so I’ve created this ________ to help you find a local solution to __________.”  Then speak to them in their terms, exactly the way they describe the issue.

This is demonstrated listening. A skill that few possess, but an expert has mastered. An expert knows how to listen so that the question behind the question becomes obvious. Having understood the real question, the expert then formulates the response in such a way that the audience embraces the answer.


Not just facts, but relatable stories

The art of storytelling is getting lost in our 140 (now 280 characters) character limit world. A story that is meaningful and related to the topic at hand, is more valuable than any other form of communication. Our brains are wired for stories, perfect this skill and your content will stand out!

Create Engaging, Curated Content Like a Machine

Creating high quality content is work! Unless you want cookie cutter results it will always be work. BUT we have a process that can reduce the work and allow you to focus on your unique voice. Let’s talk about it…

Top 6 Ways to Maximize Returns From Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads

Facebook has grown itself into a top-notch choice for marketers to advertise their brands. And with this popularity, a rise in the price of FB ads has been noticed. As Facebook ads are becoming expensive, it has become more important for marketers to optimize their ads for higher click through and conversion rates.

There are two ways to cope with the increased prices of Facebook ads. First, look for another advertising platform or second, optimize your ads in such a way that they generate higher ROI, CTR and lower CPC for your campaigns.


Top 6 Ways to Maximize Facebook Ad Investment

No significance to this order, but put each of them into practice as you head into 2018. Make time to implement these changes so you can enjoy greater returns.

Facebook overtook Google as the most important traffic source for publishers. And then, for two years the situation remained a stable duopoly, with Facebook and Google each sending publishers around 35% of their identified external referral traffic. via Facebook Declines, Google Grows as Battle for News Audiences Continues

 maximizing facebook ad investment

Find a larger audience for your existing Ad campaigns:

One of the main reasons that your Ad campaigns are not generating enough sales volume is that there isn’t enough of an audience to scale up the sales volume.

For additional audience, you can upload the database of your existing customers and use audience insights to define multiple client profiles and then add them to your additional audience. In other words, do some research. Get to know your audience. Learn their patterns and speak to them.

Speak directly to your target audience:

Talk with your audience directly through Ads. Instead of visualizing someone else relaxing on the beach or enjoying the French Riviera, you should visualize yourself doing what the Ad describes. The hype ads are killing real business opportunities – so stop and get real!

The more your Ad speaks with the audience, the stronger the response is likely to be received. Craft your Ads in such a manner that your Ads feel more targeted, engaging and personal. Using video ads allows you to literally speak directly to your audience. Facebook live is a great way to warm up an audience as well.

Select the best placement and time to present the ads:

Now you can schedule your Facebook Ads to be shown at specific times. Check which time per day delivers you the best results that has the highest CTR and lowest Cost Per Lead (CPL).

Similarly, you can select the best Ad placement that has delivered the maximum results previously. Add the information about the average cost-per-lead per each ad placement to your spreadsheet. Now, you have an overview of the most important aspects of your campaign results.

Split test your campaigns:

Facebook allows you to duplicate your ad campaigns which you can use to target a different audience. Split test your ad campaigns and look out for which works best and fulfills all your requirements.

Record the analytics generated and keep the one going which delivers the best results. Remember entrepreneurs test everything! They also use those test to modify their efforts.

Refine your audience:

To create a low-cost, high-performing Facebook Ad, you need to narrow down your target audience. This will help ensure your Ads reach the right people, giving you the best chance of success. You’ll also avoid spending money serving Ads to people who won’t be interested in your business.

You can take this marketing technique one notch up by using the Facebook Custom Audience feature. In the context of a blog, you can set up a custom Facebook audience for a particular category or section of your site. via: Facebook Custom Audience

Add special offers to improve conversions:

Using special offers and discount codes is a classic marketing technique to entice new and existing customers to buy your products or services.

Not only do offers help you boost sales, but they also give the audience an incentive to buy from you.

The simplest way to scale up performance of your Ad campaign is to know your audience well and crafting the campaign based on their behavior. Split test the Ad and pause the campaign that didn’t work, increase the budget on what works, and keep repeating the process of finding new audiences as soon as you’ve collected additional customer data.

Marketing Message Offer
If you’d like a review of your marketing message use the button below to schedule a review with a coach.

Want to Know More?

I have a complete Facebook ad training program for your success in 2018. Click the button below and you’ll be taken to to the first training module. 

How Employing Facebook Ads Drives Tons of Traffic to Your Blog

Your Blog is Your Content Machine

You want people to know, like, and trust you? Then delivering quality content that addresses real questions, real issues and real need must be your goal.  People engage with companies that provide quality content on a consistent basis.

Traffic Machine

Blogging itself is one of the important traffic drivers, but what if you fuel it with Facebook? Still, there are many marketers & bloggers, who despite investing handsome amounts in content creation, find it difficult to reach their target audience. And leaving it to luck is a big NO.

Facebook has announced a new policy that should cut down on a lot of spammy garbage from your timeline. Going forward, all posts that ask users to engage with them in any way will be demoted and buried out of view. via Facebook to start demoting posts with engagement bait titles

Wait and see, is a poor business strategy. Going the extra mile is what separates the Pros from the wannabes. Just a bit of extra effort can catapult you to a whole different level of achievement.

A lot of the business owners we speak to are surprised when we mention that Facebook advertising can be a great option to reach more of their prospective target audience, drive traffic and make sales online. via Six reasons why your business should invest in Facebook Advertising

Facebook Ads are a great start to reach your target audience. They are more economical than other alternatives and offer the right amount of tweaking to get your content seen by the right target audience. Let’s get started and see how employing Facebook ads can drive in tons of traffic to your blog:

Make Facebook a supporting tactic to gain exposure:

Your blog should be the foundation of your marketing strategies. The quality of your content matters the most when it comes to reaching your target audience.

Craft your ad in such a way that it doesn’t sound salesy. Facebook should be used as a supportive tactic to gain exposure for your blog. Once visitors click through your blog, you can use your lead capture tactics as a better measurement of your marketing success. By including Facebook Ads in your marketing arsenal, you’ll have the double benefit of increased blog traffic and Facebook fan reach.

Amplify your blog with ads:

Facebook Ads brings in tremendous opportunities for marketers to promote their content directly to their ideal audience. Ad manager and editor, allows you to overcome organic reach limits.You can precisely target the demographics that are most important to you by setting audience parameters using location, job titles, interests, income levels and more.

An advantage of advertising on Facebook is that you have the ability to target specific audiences. This is due to the fact that Facebook are always finding out new information about its users. Facebook is constantly scanning what you have liked and shared to help build personas of its audience. It will then be able to pull this data and discover more information by the type of person you are and similar others out there. via Why You Should Consider Facebook Advertising – Beyond Clicks

Facebook Ads as compared with other advertising platforms are relatively inexpensive and holds the same value (possibly more), considering the benefits it offers to marketers. A post with quality engagement, benefits by promoting it with a boost. Target to your fans, friends and others who then become your strongest leads.

Video Ads are the new lead magnet:

Facebook prioritizes native videos as compared to the videos that are shared from other platforms. And according to Facebook, native video ads are receiving higher user interest and engagement. You can use Facebook’s video Ad tool to reach out to your fans and drive traffic to your blog.

When you upload a video, you have the option to include a CTA at the end, that links to a URL. This feature uses native videos’ powerful extended reach to drive viewers to the web page of your choice. Someone watches your video, a CTA button shows up. They click – redirected to the URL specified. Refer to Facebook’s Video guide for the most up to date information.

Facebook will begin testing 6-second ads before videos next year. It will also require videos to be at least three minutes in length to have an ad break, instead of just 90 seconds. The company will also change the Newsfeed to include more videos from … via Facebook will put ads before videos as part of a new advertising strategy next year

Facebook brings new updates on a regular basis. Don’t get distracted by it, move to an updated plan that integrates your blog’s quality content with Facebook sharing. Your increased blog promotion leads to more traffic and overall engagement, which is a much better measure of your online marketing success.


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Engagement – Why Engaging Content

Engagement is What Facebook Rewards

The Facebook uses a feed algorithm that actually rewards active advertisers and engaging content producers. Engaging content is defined as the reactions, comments, and shares your posts get. This equates into better reach. This goes for both organic and paid (your advertising dollars will go further).

The people who complain that their Fan Page isn’t getting the reach it once had may be being penalized for not providing engaging content. Nobody wants to hear about your products and services all of the time. So if they stop liking, commenting and sharing your content the reach of your posts will dry up both organically and paid.

Put in the simplest terms possible; “If you don’t give people what they want (as indicated by their engagement with your content), fewer people will see it and Facebook will charge you more.”

So creating engaging content is the key to expanding your reach (both paid and organic) on Facebook. This is good business on Facebook’s part and it creates a challenge for you. You must figure out what people want and you must deliver it to them. Simply asking them to like comment or share isn’t enough. You must deliver quality content on a regular basis.

Three Facebook Hacks


I wrote Three Facebook Hacks for Your Business to help you understand the three major activities that will give your more engagement.

Facebook will gladly hook their vacuum up to your bank account and suck out as much money as possible without delivering a thing to your fans if you fail to offer them quality content. There is no hack for this. It is just a fact.

Facebook’s Terms of Service are there to protect the experience for the viewer. They promise to deliver quality content for free to the people who want it. Your job is to make sure the content actually help Facebook keep its promise.

Grab your copy below…

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