Plan Your Year in Three Words

Plan your year in three simple words. It’s more challenging than it seems yet there is magic in its simplicity. Join me as I apply this process to my year. The Model “There is nothing new under the sun.” So it would make good sense ...Read More

The Content Marketing Creation Machine

Content Marketing in a Digital Age Content marketing is a very hot topic. Unlike many marketing trends that catch fire and die quickly, content marketing is here to stay. It’s a proven way to interest customers and convert them into buyers. The...Read More

The Ultimate Guide to Attention Grabbing Headlines from The Experts

Attention grabbing headlines are the key to capturing the interest of your readers. The headline stops their glace and focuses it on your content. A lame headline will never accomplish that. The sole purpose is headline is to get attention. The Very ...Read More

10 Helpful Tips For Surviving Holidays as an Entrepreneur

Family get togethers at the holidays can be stressful for entrepreneurs. Few families understand the entrepreneur mindset. They don’t know the dynamics involved in business startups. So they may offer such helpful advice as, “Why don̵...Read More

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