Finally, a Discovering Content Solution that Works

Nuzzel a Great Tool for Discovering Content

Discovering content that my client and prospects need and want is a daily challenge. I search for and read a ton of content everyday. I do so to provide the best quality information possible to my tribe. So any time I can find something that will help me connect with quality trending information I immediately check it out. 

Nuzzel is such a product. 

I’ve found this to be more helpful than Buzzsumo for finding the content that my audience is consuming. I’m going to save the comparisons for another video, but for now let me introduce you to the coolest tool that tracks the very things that your audience is reading.

Content and SEO

Nuzzel is rapidly becoming my “goto app” for discovering content. I want to know what my audience is interested in and how to connect to their needs. The video above demonstrates exactly how that is done. From that platform you can share, email or capture and curate in articles that you know your audience has a demonstrated interest. 

Content marketing is the way your clients and potential clients get to know, like, and trust you. It’s also essential if they’re going to find you. Relevant content is also necessary for recognition by Google. Organic searches are still the best means of converting viewers. They found you because you addressed a real need. They were searching for something and they found you. 

You build authority by directing your content to demonstrated needs. Curate that content with your unique twist and your influence begins to rise. 


discovering content

The landscape is changing. Quality content is still the number one thing that people are searching for, but how it’s being delivered is expanding all of the time.

More content can help, sure. But if that’s all you’re chasing… get ready to be exhausted and broke. You need strategy and innovative thinking if you want to get results now. And you still need SEO’s free, high-converting traffic. via: 6 Things New SEO Research Reveals About Content Marketing

No longer is it about the quantity of content you produce (serious questions exist about if that ever really accomplished much) it’s about the quality delivered on multiple platforms using multiple mediums.

What you need to stand out in the midst of this crowded marketplace is a clear strategy. Nuzzel can help, but you are going to need more. Creating and delivering engaging content is work that pays huge dividends.

Focus on A quality Content strategy!

The local business owner needs to connect with his/her market in new and engaging ways that makes it easy for them be found, liked and trusted. Let us help you build a strategy that will do that very thing…