The Power of Introspection


This series of Live Feeds on introspection has been a blessing to a multitude of people since it was presented. So I wanted to share it here with the notes included.

We live in a world where we have become very accustomed to talking about other people and their issues rather than looking at ourselves. Turning our focus on who we are will have life changing impacts. We when allow things to get inside our head that come out of our mouth and limits our capabilities.

Do the heart work required to focus on yourself that says,”I’m going to turn a blind eye to other people.” Don’t let other people and their performance in life limit what you can do. Stop feeling responsible for how other people do.

“As For Me…” – Key Phrase for Introspection

Instead of looking at everyone around you and measuring yourself by them take some time for introspection. Focus on you for a while. Let other things go. Let other people’s opinions and positions go. Focus just on you, “as for me…”

You are the only person that you can fix. When you are the best you that you can be you are in a position to make a difference.

I can take control of my destiny when I focus on me. I can’t control the actions of other people, but I can focus on me.

When introspection leads you in the wrong direction here are…

Five Things You Can Quit Immediately

  • Trying to please everyone – Because you can’t
  • Fearing change – Because you get more of what you reward
  • Living in the past – Neither the successes nor the failures will help you future
  • Putting yourself down – STOP IT! introspection
  • Overthinking everything – You simply don’t know enough to over think

Eliminating these things from your daily life and practice will immediately make a difference in your future. As beneficial as introspection can be don’t let it become an excuse for bad behavior.

Note: the videos are also available on podcasts. You can find the podcasts here.