Why Use Press Releases

When it comes to Press Releases distribution, you may have one or several goals for your campaigns– and the clearer your goals, the easier it’ll be for you to schedule the publishing and plan of your PRs.

In the experience our users, as well as our own– while not incredibly important, the frequency and timing of publishing your PRs does affect the how easily they will be found.


There’s no rule set in stone you must follow and it’s not something to obsess over.

How Often Should You Publish Press Releases?

The frequency of publishing PRs is something you can fairly simply take into account when planning your overall campaign. With a little thought and effort, it may improve your results, depending on your goals.Press Releases

Goal # 1: Improve SEO

Improved SEO is a primary goal for many using Press Releases; and for those who don’t make it a primary goal, it’s a very desirable side benefit.

Our Press Release’s each attracts over 300+ backlinks from household brand name news sites that hold strong Domain Authority and Trust. This is the kind of thing Google expects and loves to see in a good backlink profile.

If the Contact Details are assigned correctly, it generates at least 300+ unique authority citations for a local business as well, which is incredibly powerful.

As a good rule of thumb, if you really want to kick butt with Press Releases and SEO, then you should be as consistent as possible and plan a ‘once a month’ publishing schedule, especially for local businesses.

By publishing a single PR per month, you build upon past successful campaigns and releases, while provide valuable new information to the audience. This also avoids the risk of ‘over-publishing’ with empty and weak content.

Publishing even just once per month, you will get more notice, enjoy greater readership and an increase in brand awareness, which altogether has plentiful positive effects on your overall standing and visibility in Google.

HOW OFTEN: Once Per Month, Per Location or Product

Goal # 2: Increase Traffic and Sales With Press Releases 

When following our Keyword Method, your Press Releases themselves will be very visible in Google for low-to-mid competition search terms; especially.

You can use to even greater advantage by riding Trending Topics and catching a wave of Viral Traffic too.

One marketer’s record is 50,000 visitors in just a few days. Of course he had a lot of experience, but it shows what’s possible!

You can run a more intensive PR campaign and publish several releases over the course of a few days.

One example of this is seen with product launches of new products (think of a new iPhone model). You will see new articles and news coming out just about every day leading through pre-launch, during the launch itself, then afterwards during post-launch. This is a trending topic.

Another example would be like the Olympics or a US Presidential Election. These are also trending topics. They are very popular in the moment, until time passes and something else becomes the hot topic.

News surrounding Trending Topics usually gets shared at a much greater rate, so if you want your PR campaign to catch this viral effect, use our Keyword Training to identify great keywords around significant events in your industry or the world at large.

If your goal is to increase your traffic and sales significantly within a short period of time, try linking your PR and product, offer or service to the same trending topic somehow.

HOW OFTEN: Daily Is Possible If New Newsworthy Content Is Available

Goal # 3: Announce Something Worth Announcing

Go with the flow as the business or online venture grows. Create stories around new product developments, recent changes, new personnel, new missions, and new projects. Milestones like the completion of projects, new awards, new marketing efforts, promotions are newsworthy.

You can publish the finding of case polls, studies, and surveys or share plans to expand or relocate to new areas. Celebrate the investment in innovative new services, approaches and technologies.

For a Local Business, publishing newsworthy information once per month, per location, can be as important to the local community as it is to the business. When local businesses are thriving and active– they want to know, local people are proud!

For an eCommerce Business, you can dedicate a single PR each month to each of your best sellers– including news on features, milestones reached, product expansion plans, new uses for the product, great customer feedback, new variations …

Monthly is a good rule of thumb, but if you have two or three significant newsworthy events within a month, don’t feel you have to wait ’til next quarter to tell the world. Just go for it and let the world know!

HOW OFTEN: Once Per Month, Per Location or Product (or whenever relevant!).

Goal # 4: Stand Out Among The Rest.

You might be wondering what the best time of day and week is, to publish your press release for maximum exposure, visibility and traffic.

You’ve probably noticed Monday is usually flooded with news and perhaps the same goes for your inbox! That should correctly suggest to you, your Press Release may go more unnoticed as it battles for attention against a blast of new articles and announcements.

Fridays are also not usually the best days for publishing. They tend to be slower due to the fact that people are busy planning preparing to enjoy the approaching weekend.

The Our Team has found the best days to get your PR out are generally between Tuesday and Thursday.

What about best time of day?

Ideally, have it published early enough in the morning when news is actively announced. Pick a time when your target market is browsing.

As another good rule of thumb, mark this on your calendar; 10-11 AM is about optimal.

Of course this will depend on your target audience. You should take into consideration the specific time zone you’re targeting as well.

WHEN TO PUBLISH: Generally 10-11 AM on Tuesday-Wednesday (depending on target audience and time zones).

Closing Advice:

Here are some general guidelines and ‘best practices’ to form a strategic campaign schedule for your Press Releases. Once again, these rules aren’t set in stone. It’s ok if you publish on a Monday afternoon. You can publish a new release only 3 weeks after the previous one, instead of waiting a full month. The formula is the magic it’s the content.

The main thing is to choose your keywords wisely and get your Press Release campaigns published consistently. Provide valuable content that will be of interest to your audience. Do this and it’s difficult to go wrong.