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You need both a coach and a consultant to get you to the next level. Someone who will fill your head, inspire your heart, and hold your hand as you grow your business.  

I help business owners create client fascination around the details of their business. I can’t create the details. Usually the business owner does the coolest things, but describes them in the most boring way. I teach them to talk, write, describe, portray them in fascinating terms. In other words, I turn high tech into redneck.


When you look for a coach/consultant you want someone with experience. Eric has been helping small businesses succeed for the past 25+ years. Always seeking the simplest solution with the clearest explanation…”Eric’s methods work.”

Business is solving other people’s problems at a profit.

We live in a world that is woefully deficient in problem solving skills. Not being taught in schools and not being taught in business. Your ability to solve problems is your greatest asset.

Go to the page and take our quiz to see how you score on problem-solving strengths…

Success thinking is your greatest asset.

The mindset proceeds success. You become what you think about all day long. We teach you to place your thoughts on things that will change your patterns of thought and your habits that lead to success.

Go to the page and take our quiz to see how you score on success thinking …

Your ability to communicate is directly related to your success.

You are required to communicate clearly and continuously. Most people have never had formal training on how to communicate clearly regardless of the situation. Polish your communication skills.

Go to the page and take our quiz to see how you score on communication skills …

Experts Write Content

Content marketing is a very hot topic. Unlike many marketing trends that catch fire and die quickly, content marketing is here to stay. It’s a proven way to interest customers and convert them into buyers.

Check out the survey below to see how prepared you are to demonstrate your expertise through the content you create. 


We Show You How

You need a coach to inspire you to do the things that will move your business forward.

We Teach You Where to Look

Your job is to solve other people’s problems at a profit, we teach you where to look for solutions

We Implement for You

You need a consultant to hold your hand as you learn the tasks that you don’t know.

We Cheer Your Results

Your success should be public, we use our resources to help celebrate your victories and showcase your successes.

What Others Say

“I’ve spent six years in the Marines, 15 years in the Fortune 1000 (half of that time as the VP of R&D for a $3.1B MIT spinout) and fifteen years as a successful entrepreneur. In all that time, I can count on one hand the number of people that I would blindly follow up a hill – Eric is one of them.

A soft spoken generous people-oriented person, Eric shepherds people steadfastly toward personal success thereby ensuring the success of the team and, ultimately, of the organization. They don’t come any better.” ~ Deryck Jones

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